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Ki Oni - A Leisurely Swim To Everlasting Life

Sounds without beginning and end accompanying thoughts floating in a mystic aural humidity. As light refracts from heated surfaces, images blur with gently undulated waves. A Leisurely Swim To Everlasting Life holds this quality, a sonic focal point melting in the mirage of a desert savanna. A current of chimes delicately churning in a massive swell of high vibration drone. These are special sounds with an affinity to rejuvenate the constant dehydration of everyday life.    Ki Oni has been creating fantastic aural landscapes for many years now. Lost in a Sea of Sound has had the pleasure to feature many of these release. A Leisurely Swim To Everlasting Life is the newest and this composition is rather massive. With over an hour and fifteen minutes divided through four tracks, this is a heavy burner for deep diving ambient wanderers. The digital version includes a fifth track, a lengthy twenty minute float beyond the physical ability to encompass. Created for the beautiful life of Chuck

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