Cloudsound - Tempus of Diminution

A life of one hundred years is lived and is summarized by two dates of record. There is difficulty in grasping the fruition of this tremendous lengthy life, not many people live to be one hundred and in older age, thoughts are sometimes not clear. The struggles and complexities rest within the cataloged book ends, a compression of time applied after something is gone. When we think about our own lives, there is often wonder of how many people we have been. The child to young adult, the newlywed and then a parent taking care of parents. Responsibilities both grow and diminish with time. The two dates summarizing a life really only lay fact to how long it was. Tempus of Diminution hovers in these resting existences. Surfacing the mysteries and grandeur of the spirit through sonic swirls and cathedral like majesty.  Cloudsound has been a project by Lee Boyd for almost twenty years. The first release on Fluere Tapes was back in 2014. Simply titled Cloudsound, this composition covers materi…

Aster - Light In The Valley

The droning chirps of a plethora of cicada mixed with the ageless voices of kids at play. Both sounds natural and have steadfast merit. Time has compressed this energy, millions of years for insects, and thousands of years for children, now together in this instant. Thoughts of how they connect, something having evolved over millennia with a counterpart so young in it's own evolution. There is really no reason to hold both sources along side each other, no symbiosis in development, only the reason of resting in one place at one time. Light In the Valley by Aster helps lift the consciousness above it's well grounded resting place. In the refreshed elevated state, tactile inputs can be held in stasis, turned and examined, merged together to understand their special properties within the moment. This composition is the spiritual elixir enabling this action. A collection of tracks like swift moving clouds. They frame the skylight as air currents are their constructors. Light In Th…

TROU - Grjòthaugr

The powerful hum of engines at work, tireless and consistent to measures blurred by time. To truly experience this long meditative drone would mean a journey is in process. Listen... there are infinite worlds within these sounds. These realities mirror the infinite worlds opening in each of our consciousnesses. Somewhere deep within this sonic current, a pulse can be heard. A rhythm that permeates the cosmos through the smallest components of the atom. This is the sound of continual energy being compressed and stretched through time. As this energy radiates monumental might, thoughts surf to the highest places, then plummet beneath all we know. Grjòthaugr is a manifestation of aural pathways each listener will discover for themselves. The connection is for each of us alone. Three lengthy tracks constructed of the most heavy fibers. TROU constructs a dense composition, a drone singularity for select listeners. Sonic fortitude within the darkest reaches and fortunately a high constitutio…

Jacken Elswyth – Six Static Scenes

Jacken Elswyth sent a note about this release being out and wanted to share. As with all of the Betwixt & Between Tapes described on Lost in a Sea of Sound, these transfused folk sounds hold a special place in the listening experience. Jacken takes the traditional and seamlessly blurs experimental. Melodic drone ignited with string picking, these sounds need only time and meditative space.   
Seven tracks divided into six scenes, all moments reaching the pinnacle of what many describe as Americana, or some as American-primitive guitar, only on the banjo. This work explores venerated old time musicians such as Hobart Smith, Dock Boggs, Dink Roberts and singer Margaret Barry. There are also Jacken's own scenes traversing all worldly constructs. Thresholds in sound tethered only by acoustic properties.  Interesting in this selection of artists to consider, Dink Roberts lived ninety four years and has only a hand full of recorded songs. Here is a trailer for a documentary about Dink…

Nebula Aranea #01 - Various Artists

This cassette is coiled, waiting to cast a pulsating trance. Ten artists finding similarities in a world of heavy beats and rhythms. Theses tracks promote motion, replicated patterns stirring orbiting electrons, neurons connecting across aural fibers oscillating in cadence. A cosmos filled with lurking singularities, sonic travels disappearing with gravity's unseen might. Nebula Aranea #01 holding sticky strands of regal resonance deep within the galactic mist. Intensity burning with creative radiance from start to finish.The combination of talent included on Nebula Aranea #01 is a special collection. The difficulty in making a various artist album glow with fluidity has been easily assuaged. The first four tracks by Clarence Rise, Letherique, 2methyl and Drvg Cvltvre are like a meteor storm pummeling the outer atmosphere. There is not let up, disintegrating mass burning with massive releases of energy. A cosmic rainstorm with sonic droplets pounding the conscious into meditativ…

Nandele Maguni - Plafonddeinst

A radio dial searching for rhythm, turned by a delicate hand and scrutinizing ear, listening for pure beats. The sounds crackle and burn, static tuning in with a purpose the source only knows. Finally a connection is made, satisfaction in establishing a frequency groove, joy in knowing there is a source and it is attainable. A slow motion dive into the world of Nandele Maguni. Distant sounds permeating the waters surface to meet you even before leaving the ground. Like walking to the edge of a forest, life within echoing out, adding to the mysteries calling from the canopied darkness. Rhythms beckon for exploration, providing flickering torch lit warmth to the source of sonic festivities. Plafonddeinst reaches through the atmosphere, both time and distance dissolving before the tentacle of Nandele Maguni's consciousness. This composition spans nine long tracks but plays as one fantastic journey. Mystic drone and static parting for raw cadence, beats pulled from the aural continuum,…

Century Plants - Intrinsic Geometry Vol. 1

Listen! Can you hear the sonic fluid filling the space between us? Waves are not crashing in a deafening roar on the shallow shore, nor are they placid with annoying repetitive ripples. This sonic medium is a spring fed pool, massive volumes of water moving up through the ground, the clear blue and cold water making a run to the land beyond in timeless silence. Century Plants is a first magnitude spring and Intrinsic Geometry Vol. 1 is the refracted penetrating sunlight traveling to the farthest depths. This composition pulls loose ends together, a oneness within itself emitting pure aural sustain. An inner journey so focused and heavy, the distractions of thing around us, either too loud or softly annoying are droned out with welcome delight. 
Thoughts are submerged in the endless mixture of ambient ice melt and studios strings. Century Plants pulling from ancient currents and the ever evolving life they carry. Countless generations are born as equal lives cycle in temporal impermanenc…