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Thursday, July 3, 2014

(( Husband Material )) - Go Ahead and Start The Family Without Me

I have been been enjoying this tape tremendously! Describing the sounds is a difficult task though. The easy start is the basics {{Husband Material}} with the release titled "Go Ahead and Start the Family Without Me". Probably named because it's creator is still tinkering in the sound laboratory inching the music closer to perfection.

My best attempt at typing what this cassette rattles forth.... Have you ever looked through a really old box of keepsakes? Crumbly and tattered containers, dusty and faded, hiding something that sparkles from a past existence. Each song is all deconstructed on the outside with scratchy noisy melody. Listening carefully or listening over and over for me, the turning worn shell reveals to the ear, a sweet tuneful rhythm hidden within.
This tape is full of fascinating songs, each different but congruent with each other.

Patient Sounds release number PS049. Sold out on the Patient Sounds website. Maybe they will make another batch of these, or it will surface on Discogs. Worth the purchase if you find it.

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