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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Memorials of Distinction - How To Organise Your Life & Get Rid Of Clutter

If you are ready for a truly artistic romp through musicians on the fringe of the unheard, click over to this bandcamp link and read no further. How do you cleverly combine a myriad of different bands and musicians to create the sticky threads binding an entire album together? Memorials of Distinction will capture you and slowly weave the sound into your ears.

Titled  "How To Organise Your Life & Get Rid Of Clutter", 8 different groups and 16 songs have been woven together like a fine tapestry. Intelligently united using an old self help tape, the entire listen is completely entrancing. The instructions for self help are blended in perfect amounts in between songs. There is just enough of the lecturer to make you want to hear more. I drift while listening. Intrigued by fantastic tips on making my own life less cluttered and then being relieved with music. Saving me from the revelation of how messy i really am. From talk of floppy discs on computers, i would have guessed this self help tape was made in the late eighties. Sure wrong on this, for you roman numeral fans the date on the original tape is MCMXCVI.

The ground the music covers is vast, but with each artist contributing two tracks there is continuity. The first listen is enjoyably perplexing. After immediately liking Mewlips, an individual with a magically different expression, i thought where did this come from? How did  Memorials of Distinction procure these completely unknown entertainers? I went back to the bandcamp site and read the notes. Here each performer is described more in detail, so there is explanation of origin. In the following listens my attention was drawn to Sofia Deville, Porridge Radio and Estamos Fritos three very spacey artists gluing in a relaxing vibe. Mad Kid Library Trap will completely command your ears with a warped punk output.
Smiling Disease is absolutely unique with a sound completely modern in a parallel dimension. The last two artists Lizzard Bleach and sAtAnic rituAl Abuse give the tape the noise it needs. These two artists exist on the periphery, entering music by colliding sound and ideas.

These tapes are available at the bandcamp site. There were only 50 self help tapes to start with, so if you miss out there will never be any more!

I thought the name of the lecturer was really unique and still would like to find out more about the tickler system.

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