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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Igor Amokian and Army of 2600 - Welcome To Glitch World

Boxes in basements are being ripped open from the inside. What was once shelved as obsolete has been building resentment while resting in tucked away places. The time has arrived and Atari 2600s across the world have been summoned forth by Igor Amokian and Army of 2600. Marching into 2015, not just demanding to be heard but rather welcoming listeners to join the ranks.

As only a meager private in the Chiptune Corps, my knowledge of this sound grows with each push up, every three mile run and with all of the new sounds provided by training officers like Igor Amokian and Army of 2600. This is their world. Music is foreign. Sounds live in an unrecognizable medium that paralyzes new recruits as they try to make rank. There are moments when i hear my youth. Maybe a memory of the hum of the coolest game room you ever walked in. Distinct sounds from one machine moving like a centipede from one console to another. At all times the noise almost deafening, trying to drown out exuberant feelings of awesome fun. 

Igor Amokian and Army of 2600 is a true departure from traditional anything. This tape has purpose, the sounds are not just random samples thrown together willy nilly. The collaborative composition between Igor Amokian and Army of 2600 has stamped this genre of music with deep respect for me. Before i would have called this chiptune style amusing and fun. That has changed now. This is serious. There is so much involved with the creation of these tracks alone. The future is pretty much unbounded.

Welcome to Glitch World is a great title for this tape. Anyone who has not had the opportunity to become involved now has the invitation to join Igor and Army of 2600. A great starting point, but for experienced chiptune listeners, probably an even better staple of sound. I really can not say being only a private.

This is number four for Bonding Tapes. The label rests in a world phasing in and out of temporal connection. Each time the portal is established another complete mystery is passed through.
If you do not have any cassettes from Bonding Tapes yet, it does not matter where you start, they are all great. This is just the most recent release.

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