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Friday, August 7, 2015

Tuluum Shimmering - Whose Bark Is Bent Into Circles

How do you even begin to associate words with Tuluum Shimmering? It is like trying to describe in real time the formation of glacial moraines. Whose Bark is Bent Into Circles, a cassette release in the newest batch from SicSic Tapes is classic Tuluum Shimmering. But all releases from this artist are stalwart endeavors into worlds time is measured in eras and not minutes.

Divided into two tracks and a spool to spool length of about 25 minutes each, Whose Bark is Bent Into Circles plays out on each side as a crescendo of rhythm and beauty. Like watching a spinning top in reverse, wobbling itself from the floor, then gaining more and more momentum, eventual moving so fast, removing itself from the temporal axis. You could also describe tracks from Tuluum Shimmering, like receding glaciers. As the earth is vanquished of it's ice, recessional moraines of sound are formed. These accumulations added together create huge masses of debris or sound in this analogy. All of which play out on a time scale non have ever witnessed.

Whose Bark Is Bent Into Circles is epic in it's delivery. Music that unfolds for listeners more attuned to classical music than pop. If you have an hour set aside for experiencing a composition of sound with beauty an depth, this tape will send you away with god speid.

This is amazingly the 85th release for SicSic tapes and the first from Tuluum Shimmering on the label. Sold out there. Most likely the available at Tomentosa in the near future, but in physical form now direct from the artist at the Tuluum Shimmering site.

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