Friday, November 11, 2016

Rod Hamilton and Tiffany Seal - Versatile Ambience

This is the natural stuff. No additives taking your mood in unwanted directions. Listen to Versatile Ambience and an hour later you will be feeling even better. That is what good sounds do. Rod Hamilton and Tiffany Seal have taken primal ground, casting their ambient dust into the ceremonial fire. The night is late though, these vibes are for those listeners who have worked while others relaxed. The real amber glow of seasoned tones for those waiting for the sun to rise.

Versatile Ambience seems to balance in your head like a good thought with someone to tell it to. The sounds have both roots in the ground and branches reaching way into the sky. Certain tracks take you to far off to islands where bamboo is the choice medium of sound. Then, cast away into space, in planetary orbit, the control panel bleeping in rhythmic harmony. Re-entering the planet's atmosphere for a melodic splashdown in ambient seas. The spectrum of what Rod and Tiffany have created varies greatly throughout this close to forty minute journey. The most alluring aspect is how pleasing it sounds together.

This cassette was released in September on Ehse Records. This label hails from Baltimore, Maryland and has been around for close to three years. Not sure how many Versatile Ambience tapes there are, but they are available now from the label's bandcamp page.

Ehse Records site - bandcamp