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Thursday, March 30, 2017

18andCounting - TheBirdsAtThisHour

Twisting the contemporary world of music to become something it has not been before. 18andCounting shoves swords through the box containing the beautiful assistant. The mangled body is the only expected result, but this is an illusion of reality. TheBirdsAtThisHour is difficult to grasp. Genres have been dissected with less than playful angst. Expecting the remaining sounds to bleed out on the floor, the composition becomes something entirely new.

Industrial dub land poetry. Broken beats and warbled samples droning through ten tracks rigged for detonation. There is a suspenseful quality to TheBirdsAtThisHour. A creeping journey though the decay of what music once was. Like traveling underground and seeing the dead roots of the world above. There are two live tracks on this cassette, both focusing on the poetic verse of Stan Chisholm's disdain for the construct of the current society around him. These thoughts and observations are cynical, poignant and even humorous sometimes. Like "18 steady count down to zero. sometimes in chi town i chow down the gyro", "I'm gravity's enemy, no one falls faster than me". 18andCounting rifles through the world as we hear it, creating a new facet of aural topography. Hip hop torched in burning barrels keeping people warm.

Originally released in December as a digital download included with a brick found on the banks of the Mississippi. These are still available at 18andCounting's bandcamp page. Dismal Niche has also released this on cassette at the start of March this year. Available from the label's bandcamp page. Both 18andCounting and Dismal Niche are making Missouri a hub from the extremely sublime to the fringed thresholds of experiencing sound. 

Dismal Niche site - facebook - bandcamp
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