Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Aural Canyon - Benefit Compilation for Planned Parenthood

This is the first release for Aural Canyon, a label from Austin, Texas. Thirty two tracks, a compilation covering the splendid spectrum of sublime sounds. Many of the artist have been described on Lost in a Sea of Sound. This includes Inner Travels, Ant'lrd, Electric Sound Bath, ATOP, More Eaze, Lunaria & Leaaves. Other well known artists and some to discover can be heard on this close to two and a half hour inaugural release by Aural Canyon. All contributing for a specific cause....
All of the proceeds for this release will benefit 
Planned Parenthood

Looking forward to see what physical releases Aural Canyon might have for the future. This is a very commendable way to start, the label and all of the artists working together for one good cause.

Available through Aural Canyon's bandcamp page.

Aural Canyon site - bandcamp - facebook