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Monday, May 7, 2018

Stronger Sex - There Is No Stronger Sex

Swirling melodies transfixing thoughts. Lyrics delivered in harmony with emotion and style.... Sometimes alone harnessing heavy hearts. After many listens to There Is No Stronger Sex, the most conclusive single descriptive word would be Impressive. So many paths, tangled feelings of sadness and joy. An extremely difficult body of work to pin down, making this an exceptional composition and a pleasure to dive into again and again.

Stronger Sex placed a vast amount of effort into making this release. Ten tracks across forty five minutes, each seemingly constructed in a separate time and place. Individual parts are meticulously assembled and maintain a gorgeous flow. All holding qualities spanning across genres and decades of sounds. Johnny Fantastic and Leah Gauge mingle melodies like two prisms refracting sunlight and moonlight. Each could be either, both allowing the focal point to glow with shared radiation. Like waves on the Gulf Coast, gently lapsing across the most tactile sand. Fun pop songs drifting away like balloons. Strings slipping through fingers leaving hands empty and thoughts asunder. There Is No Stronger Sex reaches out and takes hold. Stray tears brushed away with compassion, revealing a smiling face connecting cheerful spirits.

Released on the fourth of May by the Washington D.C. label BLIGHT Records. This is the second description for BLIGHT, the first was a little less than a year ago with the release by Tölva, titled Manudaga. The production of both releases is really spectacular, sound quality at the highest level. There Is No Stronger Sex is available both in vinyl and cassette format. The cassette link is not up yet, not sure if they were all pre-sold or still to be sold. BLIGHT will let us know soon enough.

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