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Friday, July 27, 2018

Giant Dwarf - Kicking Bones

Kicking Bones is a most subtle recording. Three musicians that know exactly where the edge is and traverse it's dangers. Their sounds slip and begin to plummet, yet these talented super powers reshape sonic fibers in form of a billowy parachute. What once was an armament of aural free form assault, now glides the skies in search of a grassy touchdown. Giant Dwarf and oxymoron both in band name and in these musical sketches on Kicking Bones. Controlled mayhem, deafening silence, or polyrhythmic ambiance, there are both sounds to shelter from and more for full exposure.

Trombone, guitar and drums, the set up for the base of ska. After repeated listens, the ska lites are turned off for certain. Kicking Bones is an amorphous memory of live music played during some feverish evening. It could have been jazz, classical, industrial or even precious ska, now just sonic stains oozing saturated decibel remains. Giant Dwarf brought to mind an album on Nonesuch Records titled American Brass Music. This record featured The American Brass Quintet and compositions by fellow New York City residents, Charles IvesHenry Brant and others. Added a couple links for sound samples, what could be found. This kind of comparison says a good deal about Giant Dwarf. Modernism stretching over one hundred years into the twenty first century. Sounds that challenge consciousnesses and placate those who can hear through the thresholds.

Kicking Bones is a subdued beauty lasting the lengths of time. Brought to our attention by Very Special Recordings, the New York label harvesting sounds like swiftlet nests. Released a few weeks ago in July. Not sure what the total run is, but they are currently available.

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