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Wednesday, December 5, 2018


L. Eugene Methe and Megan Siebe are tumbling thoughts again. These peripheral words struggle in descriptive efforts. Beautiful sounds from lonely places, gently echoing from everyday life. Touches of classical tones fused then dismantled. This sonic world is a paradox of perfect form and twisted inclinations. Subtle strings playing lullabies for slumber and opening passages for nightmares. Liturgical ambiance superbly characteristic of centuries past in ebb and flow with distorted artistry of neoteric sound manipulation. When creativity and talent reach a rolling boil then are left to smoothly simmer, Archive Spinoffs permeate the air.

CITIZEN ELECTRICAL works in the ambit of harmonious elegance. There is a passage in Edgar Allan Poe's A Descent Into The Maelstrom that resonates when listening then trying to describe Archive Spinoffs. "The ordinary accounts of this vortex had by no means prepared me for what I saw. That of Jonas Ramus, which is perhaps the most circumstantial of any, cannot impart the faintest conception either of the magnificence, or of the horror of the scene --or of the wild bewildering sense of the novel which confounds the beholder. I am not sure from what point of view the writer in question surveyed it, nor at what time; but it could neither have been from the summit of Helseggen, nor during a storm. There are some passages of his description, nevertheless, which may be quoted for their details, although their effect is exceedingly feeble in conveying an impression of the spectacle." The words here are like those of Jonas Ramus, feeble in conveying the sounds of CITIZEN ELECTRICAL, but maybe a few details might be usable.

The facts are this is a very limited vinyl release, an edition of only one hundred. Six tracks denoted by run times for titles. The total is just over forty minutes. Lonnie and Megan have worked together before on different occasions . Recently a really beautiful tape on eh? Records titles Revisted, Revisted, Revisted. This cassette has similar tonal qualities to Archive Spinoffs, but rest one notch above the repressed grandeur of the newer vinyl. Both are excellent and worth exploration.

Released on Omaha, Nebraska' Gertrude Tapes label. There is a lot of excellent music to listen to on the labels bandcamp page. Many of the releases are available in physical form. The connection these artists make to other projects and labels is a spiders web of typing and clicking.

Gertrude Tapes site - bandcamp - facebook
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