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Bikini Barista - This Pit In My Stomach

Captivatingly mysterious is this pleasing cassette by Bikini Barista. Tremendous thought behind every track, commanding your ears to listen, telling your mind to want more. The track titles reflect the music with names like "No Contemplation, Simply Reaction","Scoobies Don't Die" & "Drown Me In It - Bury Me With It". As the cover picture reveals, there is some spookiness radiating from these synthesizer laden rhythms. Perfect for a late night drive or setting the mood for shadow people darting through your peripheral vision. There is an oscillation from track to track of an ambient plateau of majestic vistas to falling into the smoldering forge of beat creation. These feelings of security and uneasiness provide diversity, keeping This Pit In My Stomach intriguing for a multitude of listens. Bikini Barista's - This Pit In My Stomach was just released in the middle of this month. I am not sure how many of these cassettes were made, but I am

Moonsicles - Creeper

Going to skip the usual posting intro/buildup and focus straight away on the song "Perooh" from Moonsicles new release Creeper . This track really caught my attention on the first listen. Incredibly cool retro beat and bass, championing the vibe. The guitar riffs are clean and sweet, sparse at times, truly a perfect amount. Wrapping this song up is the synthesizer, the fabric of the track. Emitting sound threads connecting distant and future points of time. All musicians together creating one of the best tracks I have heard in a few years. Going back to the start of Creeper is really returning to the beginning. This album builds with slowly dripping water to only a half dose of Codeine. Rambling guitar and ceremonial court drums, guided by snakey synthesizer, ooze from the speakers. This gives way to the mysterious questions placed on early eighties New Age music with the song "Crystal Spy". For me as a listener, everything falling in order for "Perooh".

Tallesen - Stills Lit Through

Prepare yourself for a sound journey traveling in Euclidean space. Sound on the number line is far removed from this transit of music. Tallesen's release " Stills Lit Through " envelopes the listener with a barrage of quiet ambient moments relinquishing themselves to a symphonic beat driven opus. There is a tone throughout this album consistent of a futuristic calliope. The modern version of this ancient steam organ, has been precisely calibrated to emit the softest sounding notes. This creates a dreamlike journey for your astral projection. The beats and rhythm tether the listener, providing a pathway back to the security of a more familiar measure. As this sound exploration  progresses, there is a definite shift to trance like emissions of rhythmic deprivation. Almost as if underwater, a heavy thickness rolls in, reversing the journey out of body to an inward exploration of the mortal coil. The album finishes with a tranquil state of being completely welcomed after tr

Phillip K. Glass Dick - Gift of Love = Homies

Connecting early synthesizer forays to the unknown future of sound, Phillip K. Glass Dick's sound is originative. Like the writings of the science fiction author with the same name (minus the glass), both have created a vision of possible ubiquitous realty in a subsequent time. Listening to different tracks on this cassette, i feel comfortable with the residence of the songs. There exist a groove taking a slow ride through the 80's and moving to distant points in time. Raining samples of post modern noise drip outside creating mood for contemplation and then empty thought. This cruise of upbeat, chill and futuristic is perfectly timed. The diversity of every track helps maintain maximum interest, spanning the entire roll of the spools forward and back. It is hard to pin down any similarities to existing music, making this truly a unique listen. The closest i could denote anything to is the first song on side two, "(My Time SPent With) Prisoners". This song had a st

Secret Birds - In Hex

Cassettes of the past are remembered with these thoughts. So much emphasis on the newest releases, taking a moment to go back a few years. Lee Nobles label No Kings has been a favored label for years. Everything No Kings puts out is pure quality and this results with the entire catalog being sold out from the label. So it does not matter about being available or not for thoughts on any No Kings releases. I selected #35 from the shelf, Secret Birds - In Hex . Ranging from drifting ambient  wash to mind-expanding jams, In Hex has the diversity to be extremely enjoyable. Side one invites the listener in with the calming sounds of "Century Waves". Now on a comfortable raft from the opening, the start of "In Hexagon" pushes a meditative rhythm and cascade of guitars and synthesizer. Similar to a long track from the band Stag Hare. The middle of this cassette reveals something unusual and rarely heard by contemporary listening culture. "Refractions From The S

Ogon Batto - Ogon Batto

This is an epic journey in galactic audio travel. From field like recordings from other planets, to stoic organ and piano accompanied space travel, this listening experience is not just background noise. This is a fantastic auditory perception for traveling without seeing. There are planets explored with hearing and not sight. Bent Von Bent operates this interplanetary cassette junket. His instructions are only, listen closely because there is no light to see. -  listener #75.003 written passage from side one - "After landing on a water planet, our heads were just high enough to see over a terrestrial dune. There next to a foreign sea is a mysterious vessel. Sitting out of the water and tilted to one side, melodies from even farther away spill forth from the ships hull. The music invites us over the embankment, and then turns ominous causing cover to be taken again. We listen further waiting to build courage and venture fourth." The first track on side two "Bunker S