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Bonding Tapes - Quality Time Vol. 2

A year and a half ago Bonding Tapes delivered their debut, Quality Time Volume 1. With the labels ninth release and sixth cassette, Quality Time goes into extended play. The follow up to their debut is simply titled Quality Time Volume 2. Many of the artist on the first cassette are here again and many new artists make their mark on this incredibly diverse offering.

Much like the Quality Time Vol. 1, this cassette is a journey into a world of beats and samples. All of the tracks feel heavy, like this is serious, and it is. Twenty eight tracks setting the standards for the directions the label enjoys traveling in. On this venture, Quality Time is going even farther with thirty more minutes and i think ten more true tracks.

Comparing the past to the present helps, but the substantial validation is how does the tape sound as a whole. So many different artists can cause coherency to be muddled or lost. This amazingly is not the case at all. Quality Time Volume 2 plays like a two thousand …

Eiderdown Records - New Releases!!

Here are three releases from the Seattle label Eiderdown Records. These are my first experiences with tapes from this (now i know) most excellent label. Sounds that push to the edges, dripping away only to be absorbed for use again. Vibrant art work and top quality production. Please take a moment to check out these sounds and read some words of description.

Here are the links to the post:
Kambang Adzan
Gregg Skloff - The Glacial Enclosure
Bent Pyramid Trio / The Shouts From The Sea - Split 
Eiderdown Records site - bandcamp - facebook

Bent Pyramid Trio / The Shouts From The Sea - Split

Two live recordings from different artists both channeling from a mysterious single source. The Bent Pyramid Trio & The Shouts From The Sea, each have roughly twenty minutes on this new cassette from Eiderdown Records. Be ready... These creations live and breath, creeping out of your speakers to cultivate in your psyche.

Sounds on the verge of diverging into the disintegrating world of noise or tranquility of music. Hitting like a line drive down the middle, it is hard to tell if these recordings are going to drop into the field of play or go over the fence. The Bent Pyramid Trio side is Ambrosia Bartosek, James McClellan & Adam Svensona. A haunting composition of things sliding on strings, eerie background wailings and sounds of chaotic meditations by stumbling spiritual wise men. The beginning starts out with more tempo then settles in for a very introspective ride. The Shouts From The Sea side is Patrick Cain & Phong Tran. Residing on the dark sides of planets that neve…

Gregg Skloff - The Glacial Enclosure

Impending subdual of your consciousness awaits as The Glacial Enclosure kicks off. Humming softly and stunningly from the movement of ships so big, imaginations have never been there. The world begins to vibrate before the horizon blackens with smoke or some unknown reason the sun rays are muted. Gregg Skloff has created a rumbling sonic classic for drone lovers who like the heavy.

The Glacial Enclosure is titled very well. If a glacial period could be recorded over thousands of years then condensed into a little over a half hour, maybe this is what it would sound like. Monumental tones drawn out, reverberating over vast expanses, pulverizing all objects in the path. Like the christian monk in a monastery hearing the din of viking ships reaching shore. The sounds grow louder as the pillaging reaches the stone walls of the monks abode. All is over soon. What once was is now gone, consumed and turning over in the belly of time. Glaciers perform the same way. Rolling boulders so big like…

Kambang Adzan

Living in Florida, we have the pleasure of listening to and experiencing many thunderstorms. This cassette titled Kambang Adzan, recorded by Jeff Milano brings familiar sounds with a foreign helix around an unfamiliar world. The call to prayer captured on this tape, combined with the passing thunderstorm and the myriad of urban sounds creates a complex world for the listener to be part of.

This recorded portion of the world in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia is hauntingly beautiful.

Without the knowledge of how far the sounds are coming from, our how many sources there are from various directions, the effect takes on an almost drone like environment. A constant tone of prayer can be heard, peaking at times, then drifting into the background. The rain causes sounds of water dripping, giving another dimension for your mind to find shelter in. The thunder is strong, but seems distant in respect to the source of the recording. Then the prayer is sung what seems like right there, close to th…

Braeyden Jae - Fog Mirror

Spending time near the edges of vast expanses allows the human mind to rationalize existence between microcosmos and the universe. This is done every night staring into space, spending time on the coast or peering across a vast flat land. Vision is how consciousness perceives it's place in the larger scheme. Braeyden Jae has been achieving this same effect with his sound compositions and this new lp titled Fog Mirror, is really an incredible triumph.

Hearing the distant and at the same time the hum of the molecules in motion just outside your ears. Close your eyes and your thoughts will take you so far away, and still be able to discern the smallest details. Fog Mirror is like listening through an old window, allowing you to hear as far as the glass will let you, and at the same time noticing the imperfections of the of the hand made portal. Braden McKenna the artist who is Braeyden Jae, has approached this composition with skilled care. The tone used rests in a majestic place and…

braeyden jae ​/​ ant'lrd split

The first release on cassette for Whited Sepulchre brings two heavies to your speakers with Braeyden Jae and Ant'lrd. This amazing combination of artist works incredibly well together. Each side is over twenty minutes in length and it is a blurred out drone entanglement of beautiful compositions. Both artist have produced plush soundscapes that seem to have only subtle differences. This makes the entire cassette play especially polished together and from side to side you will be lost in it's essence.

Braeyden Jae's contribution fills the sound spectrum with his signature celestial organ. Monumental drone utilizing the vast expanses where sound can go. On one side, clean and unencumbered beauty from the most sacred cathedral. Simultaneously arriving in your ears with a crumbling electronic landslide, filling all the cracks and crevasses of your thoughts. Braeyden has a special talent for turning sounds inside out and exposing their internal exquisiteness. He ha…

NO PART OF IT - A Chicago Record Label

A couple of months ago i received a box of music from Arvo Zylo, the curator of the No Part Of It label out of Chicago. Mostly compact discs and a cassette. Some of Arlo's releases and two other extremely talented artists. The box also contained a worn and faded typed letter looking like it could have been written years ago. Since it was addressed to me, i assumed it had just been written. The letter told the story of how No Part Of It had started off not using the now conventional methods of digital discovery and distribution. In so doing the some of these releases did not get the exposure they really deserved. Now the label has been retooled and digital versions are ready to be heard and physical copies are available to be purchased through the internet.

This was a daunting en devour for me. I have been looking at the small box Arvo sent me, reviewing other cassettes instead and wondering if i could tackle No Part Of It releases. They are intense and leave very little room for l…

Arvo Zylo - Sequencer Works Volume Two

Sequencer Works is an interesting output from Arvo Zylo. An earlier work not anywhere near the industrial noise scope of some of his more recent releases. This cassette was just released at the end of last year but was recorded over ten years ago. This is similar to controlled bedlam, sounds recorded like pictures being taken of an entire assembly factory, all moving parts on one expansive image. As you look at the details of this snapshot, you can hear each individual process sustained clearly and exactingly.

Nine tracks, all titled the same with their corresponding track number. Around sixty minutes of music pouring expansive sonic variations from your speakers. Rhythms and beats sometimes noisy and violent other times subtle and subdued. Like a trip through a carnival both nightmarish and joyful simultaneously.

This is out on the No Part Of It label and available at their bandcamp page. Songs over driven into a world blurring reality and mental thresholds.  

Sequencer Works Volume…

WILT - Nocturnal Requiem

I am staring at a map of the Hunnic Empire around 450AD. The movement of the Huns throughout what is now Europe becomes alive. Their conquests and sufferings burn into your thoughts augmented by Nocturnal Requiem playing as the map animates itself. WILT, the project of James Keeler, is grandiose in scope like the conquest of Attila. For some, like the Huns, beautiful and awakening while others, whose land is fertile, evoke shuddersome feelings of a dire world slipping from their grasps.

Nocturnal Requiem is somewhere near an hour of ambient beauty from bleakness. A sonic world the listener falls into, landing on some isolated outcropping and unable to move or touch anything. The sounds of this world are intense and mysterious and permeate your lonely position from every direction. As the title states, this is a requiem, but all things concerning the repose of dead souls do not have to be bleak or disheartening. Nocturnal Requiem could be heard from a conduit connecting the underwor…

Arvo Zylo / Dental Work - Velcro Bismal

Cutting deep into unknown metallic like material, Velcro Bismal is a sheer force of sound. Turned to a loud enough volume, a vaporizing beam aimed directly into your cerebral cortex. Arvo Zylo takes the sounds of Dental Work an experimental sound group from Detroit with ties to Chicago, pulls, plucks and pinches them into something more or something less.

Moving from rhythmic shape of steel belt iron production to cataclysmal melt down of Three Mile Island, Velcro Bismal ebbs and flows from factory made steadiness to sheer turbulence. As the composition moves forward, Arvo takes haven in the title track. Maybe this is what break time sounds like in his mind. Swirling sounds dancing in the distance, none ready to be touched only engaged at the reach they present themselves. The last two tracks exemplify the ability of Arvo to create new worlds of sound. For many, these are places you would never want to visit, but for the stalwart listeners this is the realm of the "in between noi…

Arvo Zylo - 333

Arvo Zylo is a mysterious cat that must have razor sharp shaped blood cells. His music crosses over into a world of jagged noise and chaotic intensity. I always thought it was interesting how old punk songs are now music used for everyday commercials. I do not think Arvo will need to worry about this in any near future. 333 pulls the ripcord and plunges from the earth's surface going to it's core.

Three tracks at almost an hour. Somewhere in the first track you will be checking to see if your speakers are blown. After this, the second song "Deadbeat Deluxe" sounds like a reprieve. Actually though, more like music for an alternate dimension of "Bugs Bunny" cartoons. Slowly building quirky processes, all foreign in understanding. Industrial music fed by space mushrooms and super caffeinated robot energy packs. Being able to sustain these sound processes is what makes the difference. Lasting long enough to provide impact and giving sense of the rhythm within, …

Illusion of Safety - Surrender

With the world getting more and more crowded, the collective consciousness is hopefully increasing to a higher vibration. Music has a special ability to push this process faster down the path. This album titled Surrender by Illusion of Safety throws the listener around the sun in a gravitational slingshot. The frequencies are soaring and minds will be untethered from their snug mortal coils.

Dan Burke, the person responsible of Illusion of Safety has created a sonic world simultaneously living in many places. Surrender touches the ambient world of drone and peaks though with industrial constitution. This duality of drone and abiotic field noises provides the nourishment for a subdued organic harmony to flourish. As the composition moves through it's course, a sense settles in of how well everything is put together. Opposing genres, both almost lifeless in their own respects, creating a harmonic consciousness with limitless possibilities. Beats and samples grow then fade away to …

Simon Kingston - 4 Stupid Songs / If It's Dead Don't Eat It

Amazingly lo-fi and beautiful. Simon Kingston has a real talent and does not need the contraptions of the modern world. Songs grab the late twenties blues and propel forward almost a century. Gathering influence and styles over the decades, as the core mutates, then shedding off all genres and coming to rest with 4 Stupid Songs & If It's Dead Don't Eat It.

Simon unleashes fourteen tracks of crumbled thoughts about life and the figures who wander through. Pop songs decaying to the uncomplicated fibers holding music together. This is uncooked music waiting for listeners to bake it in to their heads. The guitar playing is really nice, but the vocals and thinking behind them are the real allurement. Simon has the special gift of being able to deliver himself as a living soul. A few listens to this cassette will make this very certain.

Out on OJC Recordings in February in a run of fifty. There are twenty five for sale at the label and twenty five for sale at Simon's bandcam…