Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dust From 1000 YRS - Spring

Taking stirring emotion and making music from those feelings. The project Dust From 1000 YRS, now out of Boston, opens the door with sweet sounds of guitar and vocals, creating harmony to walk in to. Be careful though, because the guy making this music goes by the name Bone. Listening to this tape Spring, will help make the connection of this wounded sounding picking and singing with what rest in abundance, buried beneath the ground.

First off, i want to ask Bone what a chucklehead is? These must be people that are disappointments in existence. The herd of consciousnesses living in and looking at rectangles. The music on this cassette Spring, really boils over with a contempt for life or chuckleheads as we hear in the lyrics. There is a very well articulated, sad elegance, in the simplicity of how it is constructed. The lyrics are like emotional outbursts of encounters with life's obstacles. The entire composition is beautifully written, played and sung. One excellent feature is Spring sounds better each time you hear it. Let us all be thankful Bone likes create music and hopefully does not own guns.

This was released on the label Art of the Uncarved Block in September of this year. A limited run of not sure how many. If you like Dust From 1000 YRS, there is more to listen to on so hard young boy. About ten more releases on their bandcamp page.

Art of the Uncarved Block site - bandcamp
Dust From 1000 YRS site - facebook