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Arian Robinson - An Eternal Sleep

This is dark. Haunting sounds welling up from the depths of eternity. Industrial blackness mixed with slowly formed shrill cries from beyond dimensions. A droning machine methodically surging in one direction, in it's wake tortured souls leaving one more bellowing cry of agony. Is there hope hidden within this sonic bleakness? To continually move in the direction of trying to understand sound compositions, An Eternal Sleep must be heard. Beauty is only learned from those traveling before us. As future consciousness expands, what seems impenetrable now, will sparkle with flickering light and the shadows it creates.      

An Eternal Sleep was created by Arian Robinson. From his bandcamp page, Arian resides in Lübeck, Germany. This was the site for one of the biggest naval disasters in history. Royal Air Force bombers sank three ships in the Bay of Lübeck in May of 1945. Unknown to the RAF, these ships were filled with concentration camp inmates. In estimates, 7000 lives were extingu…

Campfire's Edge - The Last Lighthouse

The Last Lighthouse is a beautiful summer release of ambient structure. These sounds breath like bodies in sleep, peaceful and without thought or adieu. During this process, sparkling dreams are filtered through the unconsciousness. This high current of mental energy speeds along, leaving aural images of a fantastic other world, maybe one day we may see. Fragments or small segments are the only remnants brought back to the awake state. Campfire's Edge continues to dance in the shadows of our reality.

Nathan M. Yeager is the composing force behind Campfire's Edge. His compact disc is a relatively short affair completing in just under a half hour. There is a strikingly positive tone to The Last Lighthouse. Sounds filled with depth travel in parallel paths to the beauty of the natural world around us. The detailed glittering notes play above the flowing underground source. Chiming fluctuations cycle both in and out of sequence, like the mind projecting the path of a firefly based…

Somnoroase Păsărele - DEMO

Existing outside our perceived reality, some fantastic compositions can only be heard when dimensions are in phase. For this new release on Never Anything Records, Somnoroase Păsărele has connected alternate realities and allowed listeners to experience DEMO. Slight fluctuations and fuzziness have disappeared, leaving DEMO as a majestic crystalline structure. This could be described as a clear and direct conduit into what some might call the ethereal plane.

Two side long tracks creating one forty minute composition. Taking the listener into the accelerated world of drone. Haunting tones, like pipe organ played with infinite energy, creating a shimmering veil of sonic translucence. Massive in scope and size, engulfing all consciousnesses in a deep wake. Only minute changes, as this breathing locust swarm moves across the aural landscape. On DEMO, Somnoroase Păsărele has mutated the construct of earlier releases. This is classic ambient haze, sophistication in white noise. As time and s…

Lex Boogie From the Bronx & Senz Beats - A Tale of 2 Planets

A Tale of Two Planets.... Where do you even begin with this monster? Did you ever listen to Double Nickels on the Dime by Minutemen? They actually had a documentary called We Jam Econo, explaining how the album was created. Lex Boogie from the Bonx and Senz Beats have this same innocent energy. Within these spools beat rhythms that are not calculable. These tracks possess the fluid dynamics of the present. Samples and rhymes squeezed into a ball and played with. Kicked, dribbled, thrown or whatever, Lex Boogie and Senz Beats are having more fun than imaginable. Deservedly so because you don't get to enjoy such a sonic roller coaster with out a ton of work to create it. Unfortunately playtime is over in a short thirty minute session for each.

Divided into two sides, the first unveils Lex Boogie From the Bronx. Approaching the world with a subdued brilliance. These splendorous beats move in cadence in the periphery of hearing. Day and night blink back and forth in an expansive stop …

Black Unicorn - Unmanifest Architecture

Stop Black Unicorn! Your up link is overriding my internal programming. The sequencing is too fast and viciously complicated. There is no rest for the nearly half hour long barrage of superior circuitry or as you call it Unmanifest Architecture.

Can words describe the sound of an overloaded capacitor? The mutation of harmony into hissing static, then white noise. Black Unicorn is some hybrid language of generations of lost sputniks and satellites. A world where radar and sonar combine and dance to the bleeping rhythms. A place we can only pretend to comprehend and are just relegated to hopefully appreciate. As with all things the hyper cross talk begins to wain. Energy slows to only be accumulated again. Radiated molecules facing a new absence of direct paths. Unmanifest Architecture is a saga of electronic beauty. Chaos blowing itself up then the settling dust has a turn for it's infusion. Black Unicorn sprouts again revealing the cyclic nature of all things, An introspective lis…


Somewhere long ago a pattern and way of sound was unearthed, the glow emitted covered the globe with a half life that sustains itself through countless future decades. A delicately twisted harmonious jangle, where sonic beauty and fun swing side by side. A richness in craftsmanship and creativity in which sweet playfulness is never forgotten. Follow the sound tentacle that travels through time. To a gathering of like minded and the most well spirited tentacles. Only here, the source of what once was, can the future be.

STEREO NO AWARE has no lines to keep the flow of music within. An infinite source of influences only holding a ghostly form that resembles the past. These sounds spill over all genres creating a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle with a tie dyed smiley face as the picture the pieces create. Eleven tracks in total and within each, a small part of the world spins with flare and resonance. The head spring of such well crafted creativity is decades of sonic heritage…

OMNIVM - Madmen Playground

Step to the side, duck your head. Insidious haunted beats are pummeling the planets surface. OMNIVM has pulled into orbit and has begun dismantling humanities garble. As if they are reflecting ground noise around the world, blending and processing, showing in sonic splendor how cacophony is fluid.

Madmen Playground has a warbling hip hop feel. Like urban streets are being pulled at either end, causing everything to vault upward. The process repeats, dancing noises combined with a varying array of speech samples. Running forward and backward, everything sizzling on the searing OMNIVM frying pan. Madmen Playground is far from mayhem. Tracks are wisely contiguous with each other. "We Use Proof Plastic" and "When Information Old Come", both on the first side, have a beatnik rhythm with samples as the poetry. On the second side, "And So Easy On The Eyes" flows seamlessly with "Extremely Beautiful, Lush". These tracks dissect the world in need of fake…

African Ghost Valley / Atterrissage - D500 / Aslant Movements

Landing at the Never Anything label headquarters is a mysterious split tape by two projects that start with the letter A, African Ghost Valley and Atterrissage. Within these spools the spectrum of sound swings from an apocalyptic industrial landscape to peacefully dusted remnants of a past civilization.

The first side by African Ghost Valley titled D500, turns the probing beam on your consciousness. Focused sonic energy mind warping your thoughts. Only to be replaced by flickering dimensional beats lost in some alien rebirth. The teetering question, what constitutes aural beauty and within this harmonious barrage, can eminent peril be a magnificent event? African Ghost Valley targets subjects like a listening motion sensor, safe passage or destruction, testing constitutional thresholds. Excellent for all who have made the journey.

On the flip, Atterrissage's Aslant Movements holds the key card for this dimensional deep dive. Mesmerizing  sonic shifts creating a multitude of vignet…

Muska - Main Articles Volume 1

Recently an ancient artifact of sound and meditation was found beneath the depths. Muska was brought to the surface by the exploratory ship Tenant Recordings. Roughly twenty five minutes of droning fundamentalism. This recording has tones tracing back to India and the surrounding lands. Maybe a casualty of a monsoon related mishap, falling through the depths of time. This California label has kept the humble origins intact, a white cassette, with a scientific finding classification, "Main Articles Volume 1", and monochrome image of the instrument most like used in this sounds creation.

These sustained notes, created from the most simple and organic platform, allow the mind to breath. Released in August of 2017 and available from the label's bandcamp page. Not sure what the run is, most likely not too many.

Tenant Recordings - bandcamp - soundcloud

Petrichor - Life Hack

Petrichor is a short composition with an incredibly wide array of sonic goodness. Titled Life Hack, these are tunes for investigation into the hidden world of grey. Very focused as if made for film or hunting prey, solid rhythm with an electric pulse.

The second side is a little shorter and explodes until the end. Like the big boss fight, Life Hack just killed you and you will need to listen again.

Released on Tenant Recordings in the middle of this year. This is a new label from California, and Petrichor is one of the first three releases. Available from the label's bandcamp page.

Tenant Recordings - bandcamp - soundcloud

Hermit - Behead The Bigots

Hermit delivers a four song ep on cassette titled Behead The Bigots. These are sounds rooted in the crevasses and cracks of constantly polished world. Creative pop harmonies, growing like weeds and finding more and more space with each listen.

Released on Tenant Recordings, a new label from the mighty state of California. Copies are available from the label's bandcamp page.


Tenant Recordings - bandcamp - soundcloud

Meinschaft - To the Victim Belong the Spoils

What do you hear? The pulsing environment channeled through absorbing minds, noise, a modern symphony, a multitude of musical genres compressed way to tightly, slowly exploding over forty minutes. Meinschaft resists compartmentalizing labels. Yes, to those cool individuals working at brick and mortar record stores, To the Victim Belong the Spoils is grinning at you. Your ok though, you know this composition goes in the cassette section. Sigh of relief.... but wait do we have a tape section?

A rare Tymbal Tapes release slipping through the cassette cracks, being still available. Was fifty copies to many? Fortunately the answer is not nearly enough. Meinschaft is just far enough out there. Resting comfortably under a shady tree, waiting for it's listeners to get there. Just to clarify, the two tracks Tymbal Tapes has up on bandcamp are the last two pieces on the flip side of the tape. There is a magnificent side A waiting to be heard. A tangled collage of musical eddies swirling wit…

Bill Tucker – Balaboste

Focus, patience, talent and experience combine to make this somber guitar composition by Bill Tucker. Strings tuned reminiscent of the great acoustic guitar legends but have a more modern affiliation with comparisons like Amps for Christ and Flipper. Sounds that have rested in place forever, tucked away in times alcove. Pulled from dormancy and played at odds with the spectrum of cacophony the world currently embellishes.

Balaboste is a beautiful obtuse angle. Guitar notes climbing and weaving like vines along century old brick walls. Rooted and pot bound in a timeless genre, Bill Tucker cracks the terracotta and shows how guitar can be something totally new. These notes are weeds, growing from small cracks and crevices. Some may be offset by the intrusion into the the sacred clean spaces current music claims. Listen close, this stream of consciousness connecting old worlds with new, is a spark in the dusty emptiness. The resonance of Bill Tucker's picking plays in our current ph…

Bill Tucker – Spiral

Sirens sounding for consciousnesses awakening. Like rain on slanted glass, directions change. Notes gently fall in a drone like sowing of seeds, the path appears, uplifted and slightly above the cathartic din. Bill Tucker makes spirits stretch between tranquility and acute awareness.

Spiral works very well as the title of this cassette. Four tracks arriving just under one half hour. A trance like quality, rhythmic stings played patiently over long time spans. Giving way to an almost willow wisp guide on the second track "You're A Good Person".  A pattern that seems hauntingly familiar and hearkens to a Tuulum Shimmering recording. This mutates and changes on the second side of this tape. "A Sound, A Carstic Form", approaches the periphery of the spiral and sound begin to scatter. Decaying industrial influence for processes no longer remembered. The last track, "I Am A Spiral", returns to the origins of the beginning. Only this time foregoing the longe…