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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Half Stack - Quitting Time

On some rural stretch of road, a three way intersection exists... there was an accident. A pickup truck, old panel van and Eldorado collided together, not at the same time, a two then one kind of deal. Fortunately this was far from fatal or even really that bad, but there were some dents and a lot of stuff got tossed around. The amazing thing was the conglomeration that emerged and hung together from it. Nice build up huh... Now is the time to throw a bunch of genres together and this is so much wanted to do... but no way. Half Stack would be disappointed and in retrospect, this description would be as well.

There is no question about the direction of Quitting Time, just a fun ride down rural America's big carpet slide. Some guitars, bass, drums, a trailer full of harmonies, and the unused plethora of verse filling the sky as exhaust. This is a very massive composition. A far reaching creative effort, mechanically duck shooting specific genres, with "home on leave sniper like proficiency". There is one significant quality of Half Stack that needs to be acknowledged, these sounds are unprocessed, like the band is right there playing this tape as a set. A very real feeling that seeing Half Stack play live would be pretty much what you get on these recordings. Although going to a show takes tops because this group would be fun to watch. After many listens then deliberations on comparing Half Stack, one album sticks in these thoughts. Maybe it's a western state thing, but Up On The Sun comes to mind. Both well polished turquoise stones of superb quality, with thirty five years of silver filigree in between.

Do not miss out on this cassette release by the Spring, Texas label, Under The Counter Tapes. Fifty copies to start, now down to eight. There is a vinyl version on the label Processional Cross from Oakland (also hometown of Half Stack). The tape is the format used for this description and of course it arrived with lots of pins to accessorize your apparel. Go to the label's bandcamp page to see some fun videos too.

Under the Counter Tapes - bandcamp - facebook
Half Stack - bandcamp - facebook 

Sunday, March 24, 2019

333REDUX - Various Artists

Arvo Zylo works like a clock gear in a tower of sounds. This compact disc release by No Part of It, is a selection of various rudiments making up 333REDUX. How do you abridge over three hours of music, videos and thirty three artists to something smaller? Those questions can only be answered by Arvo. This disc release can be thought of more as a place holder, like a book mark in a varying array of sounds. Having a soundtrack version of a massive DVD, provides the listening world one more stepping stone to find the path. A craggy trail leading to a darker worlds of sharp angular sounds, rhythms forged by static charges and harmonies heard in negative parallax.

Most of the artists on the full length version are unknown to Lost in a Sea of Sound. This fact carries over to the compact disc edition. What is recognized... Bob Bucko Jr., Sudden Infant, Somnoroase Păsărele (on DVD) and Arvo of course. Basically only ten percent of the total on either format. Musicians wielding energy, moving giant blocks of sound with thought and creativity, 333REDUX  awakens the mind to a vast unexplored world. An artist like Dave Phillips for example, twenty years of audio artistry, is new to these ears. Bob Bucko Jr., known and even described on this site, but playing in a different dimension. The mysterious Comfort Link, creeping up from the depths and covering thoughts with warmth and wonder. Just found out about this project from describing a release from the label sPLeeNCoFFiN. Protman, drilling into the mind with electronic insect bores. Critter Piss laying waste to the world with massive percussive explosions and alien wails of turmoil. These are just a few descriptions and thoughts from so much more.

Thank you Arvo. Like an older sibling, you have shared your musical enjoyment with someone who did not know. Copies are available from the No Part Of It bandcamp page. Also the full DVD is an option as well. The sounds from the entire full length 333REDUX are included digitally with the compact disc purchase.

No Part  Of It site - facebook - bandcamp

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Al Lover - Existential Everything

Heavy Rain in Visual Fields is the longest track on Al Lover's new release Existential Everything, and the compositions constitution. A nine minute track fashioned in a conscious interlocking, like fog over water.... molecular connections. Maybe starting with the opus is a jump too quick to hear. Stepping back... The entire release is a thought burner, a companion for loosing awareness and a casual lean back on the caffeinated push through each day. This explains the full treatment for Existential Everything, vinyl and compact disc on Stolen Body Records from Bristol, UK and the cassette version from Crash Symbols, here in the states (delightedly used for this description).

Existential Everything is a lengthy beast, close to forty five minutes across thirteen tracks. Al Lover taking good time to imprint his sonic landscape across the audio spectrum of all who listen. Think of high speed rail a century from now. Terrain in the foreground blurring as distant giant landmarks move with the methodical rhythms. The juxtaposition of sounds is a talent Al Lover is extremely deft at. Grooved out rhythms under the glowing sparks of blurred energy. Would like to say there is a dub feel to Existential Everything, take a close listen to Static Snake Charger and explore for yourself. This composition does excel at escaping genres, and throwing out a dub reference is a feeble but valiant attempt to help throw a ring around this prize.

Living up to the title and worth all the time needed for an uninterrupted listen. Released on cassette in an edition of one hundred by Crash Symbols. Since the start of February eighty five tapes have sold. Math time.

Crash Symbols site - bandcamp - facebook

Friday, March 22, 2019

Kirsten Peckham - KP Time!

The appreciation for this full length composition is difficult to comprehend with the initial listen. There are many styles and musical approaches, all by a very talented Kristen Peckham. The transitions between tracks are seemingly distant, but in reality, very subtle and well conceived. Piano, banjo, ukulele, are some of the instruments highlighted on a few tracks, with folk, pop, rockabilly and punk, a few of the genres for the direction. KP Time! is a very good title for this release since Kristen takes us in any direction she feels worthy. The result is a collage of sounds, very diverse when listened to the first time through, but relaying the depth of experience with repeated plays.

First and foremost is the excellent song writing crafts of Kristen Peckham. There are fellow musicians that helped bring each selection to life, but she is the base for this prismatic aural array. With a general listen and review of song titles, KP Time! has a heavy message. Not directed towards actions of the listener, but more the state of being of the artist. From the opening piano selection "My Favorite Track", Kristen shares inner emotions and a little discouragement. Looking for answers or possibly relief with the tilt of the bottle. The banjo strummed "God, the Girl", continues the foray of introspection. With "Two Headed Wife", sounds briefly relax and take on more playful tempo. This is not to say the other tracks are depressing, just more telling of life and it's challenges. This is also a possible reason why bandcamp defaults to the sixth track, "Black Lung", an excellent middle ground between uptempo and weighty matters. "Candy Lady" seams to be the one out of place track. Funky and sexy, fun the entire way through, this selection has a different groove and feel to the rest of the composition. The last track "Pizza" shares this spirit with some punk fire exchanged for the smooth grooves.

KP Time! is difficult to describe and hopefully these words convey the talented diversity of Kristen Peckham. She is a serious force, with a wide range of genres played comfortably. This compact disc was released on Bloomington, Indiana's Crush Grove Records. Not sure how many editions there are, but copies are currently available from their bandcamp page.

Kirsten Peckham - facebook
Crush Grove Records site - bandcamp - facebook

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Liz Meredith - Repro

The mind's eye has awakened. The first track on Liz Meredith's new solo LP has perforated the consciousness. Her viola, like a serrated knife, slowly moving back and forth with gentle pressure. The process causing a seam in dimensional perception, the pressure of sounds forcing thoughts through this incision. The new space of higher consciousness is both rejected and welcomed, a listening plateau difficult to attain and well revered once ascended. The complete sounds of this new full length vinyl, a weightier ordeal than just listening to two sides of one LP.

Side one of Repro is amazingly heavy while maintaining such stark minimalism. Liz's patterns of sound, highly focused vibrations emitting vivid aural lines for thoughts to cross. Organic expressive creations, an equatorial bath of red lining temperate conditions. The insect world sharply etching impressions of their omnipresence in placid humid nights. Thankfully repeated listens help temper sonic circumstances, an ensuing comfort covers the spirit with each listen through the gratuitous dimensional passage Liz has created. With the flip and needle drop, the second side establishes perspectives opened by the two preceding tracks. The mind no longer compressed and channeled through meditative worm holes, space has stabilized with tones embodying placidity. The third track and also the sample provided with this description, is the closest to equilibrium Liz Meredith travels. A lengthy eleven minute sojourn to a place introspection can flourish. A drone piece resting on a high mesa, listening to the valley of worlds below. The composition finishes with a fourth selection, a distant ripple from side one, a lucid echo of strident beginnings now heard in consummated context.

Released on black vinyl by the long lived label s P L e e N C o F F i N. This is their forty seventh release in over fifteen years. From looking through the catalog, this will be the label's first offering in a few years. It is easy to use the cliche' here, "well worth the wait", but sayings like this might not effectively impart how discreetly beautiful Repro really is. Please have this one one your radar for it's April 6th unfastening.

s P L e e N C o F F i N site
LIZ MEREDITH site - twitter - facebook

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Alex Wiley Coyote - II

Landing from dizzying heights, avoiding giant rocks falling from the sky, and eating perfectly cooked roasted road runner, is the life of Alex Wiley Coyote. With a guitar and classic Casio keyboard, the ammunition to fire is well written lyrics. This composition is a treat, great diversity, lyrics both silly and serious orbiting around similar tunes both spirited and heavy. Wondering what will be next and where this tape is going, are refreshing aspects to Alex Wiley Coyote's second release.

Pressing play on II from Alex Wiley Coyote grabs attention immediately. Starting off with a track combining the playful electro groove of Devo and vocals in a serious tone resembling Roky Erickson, yes this is cool. Subsequent selections move in vast directions, lots of guitar, electronics, samples and subliminal messages. Although "(I'm Gonna) Kill You" is a very direct message and hopefully over the top... "i'm gonna find you on the internet and kill you, i'm gonna come into your house and kill you, yeah i'm gonna kill you because it's what i want to do". The last time a song sent such a direct message like this was maybe Hasil Adkins' No More Hot Dogs. Changes in scope are a mainstay, from tracks like "Bird in the House", a quick punk riff, followed by a well penned and witty Randy Newman Short People remake called "Dead People II". The last track and the longest shows how weighty these sounds can get. A mildly quirky dive into the crashing shore of psychedelic rock and tumbling samples on dollar store boogie boards.

Just released last week, this is Alex Wiley Coyote's second full length cassette on Worry Records. Following up a cassette released last year titled Psychedelic Problems, sold out in physical form. Not sure how many copies of II there are, but you can currently get one before they are gone.

Alex Wiley Coyote - bandcamp - facebook
Worry Records site - bandcamp - facebook

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Frimley Embankment Tapes

Wanted to share this, since Tuluum Shimmering has done the same. You can read the story of the The Frimley Embankment Tapes on the bandcamp page or on the website.

From unknown origins these sounds were delivered to Tuluum Shimmering's headquarters. Most likely some gravitational synchronicity, sonic waves finding similar sonic waves. If you are a fan of the lengthy, mysterious and ongoing broadcasts of Tuluum Shimmering, these recordings from 1972 will cause splendid wonder.

Just shy of a half hour, there is no physical component to purchase. Only a free download link provided by Tuluum Shimmering.

Thank you!

Tuluum Shimmering site - bandcamp

Arvo Zylo - UPHEAVAL

The fragile conditions of conscious tranquility are always subject to sounds. Notes arranged in sequences and patterns sweep from initiating sleep or causing madness. What are the inspirations behind creating aural landscapes in either direction? Most likely these sonic forays are inducements in directions of feeling content. Sharing inner rhythms, long sustained tones or in this case rippling concussions from inner cyclic vibrations.

UPHEAVAL was described before, two years ago in cassette form on Tymbal Tapes. This early surge of sounds is part of Arvo Zylo's series in sustained chaos. The only fact known for sure, the compact disc described here, is one of infinite installments of UPHEAVAL. All releases in all forms, tapes, floppy, digital and discs are different parts of the UPHEAVAL experience.

The composition herein will dislocate thoughts from their resting places. From Arvo's skill and experience, an hour of mind intimidation is too much for any listener. This composition starts off by making a score in the mental fabric, a cut just deep enough to allow feelings to escape and also get in. Calming sounds are applied, coinciding with an exuberant feeling of making the passage and earning the peacefulness on the next track. But the new sonic fields are also precarious and Arvo enlightens listener's to this fact. Over the next three tracks, conditions have calmed, almost drone like landscapes with fascinating electronic willow-wisps. Finally the turbulence returns, all encompassing white noise, like a giant eraser scathing back and fourth. The experience has been removed for something new.

Released on the No Part of It label in an unknown number of editions. You can only hear two selections on the bandcamp page. This is a very good approach, promoting a purchase in either physical or digital renditions.

No Part  Of It site - facebook - bandcamp

Friday, March 15, 2019

Aghnie & Seqta - House of Spleen

These beats are from the earth. House of Spleen, a split cassette on the Crash Symbols label. Both artists with roots in the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains, crossroads of the Eastern and Western worlds. Is it hip hop or a fantastic and dazzling modern rhythmic heartbeat? Each artists pulls in slightly different directions, just enough to create a beautifully balanced sound journey.

Aghnie channels time and worldly location. Influences reaching from ancient rhythms to futuristic technological pulsating hieroglyphics. A plethora of intricate beats, each selection causing the consciousness to loosen it's hold on the everyday. This spectrum of sound is far more wise than the fifteen minutes of one side of one cassette can convey. In this brief amount of time, Aghnie is reminiscent of an artist who performed for seventy years. Unfortunately he passed away last year at age 97, Eddie Kochak.   

Seqta gravitates towards hip hop with a little more force. Samples from current culture in step with thick grooves holding massive beats. Hints of rap music from decades past vaulted forward towards times to come. The playful worldliness of the first side of House of Spleen has given way to more serious patterned construction from the inner city. Seqta using street mathematics, sending timed pulses in disguised funk arrays.  

Two artists from capitol cities, Tbilisi, Georgia and Berlin, Germany. Over three thousand kilometers apart and connect by the Crash Symbols hub, even farther away. House of Spleen was released in early February in an edition on one hundred. There are currently eleven copies remaining.

Crash Symbols site - bandcamp - facebook

Thursday, March 14, 2019

PREE - Status​/​Post

Lifting spirits and causing feet to tap, these are the vibrations PREE emits. Rhythms on a hydroplane, causing water top part in perfect symmetry for songs being sung. What would theoretically need speed, defies sonic reasoning, cruising on a stoic plane in bewildering slow motion. The process allowing depths of notes to be heard. Arrangements tangled together like palms and live oaks, creating a mystifying space of aural landscapes.

These sounds have been turned on the lathe and expertly sanded. Beautifully crafted pop music veering in the opposite direction from everything else. Patience combined with quirky angelic vocals suspended over crystalline notes and melodies. Status/Post does change tempo, just enough with tracks Schatzie and maybe a little in Alvin. The complete arrangement is arguably one of the most refreshing releases for the year so far. Maybe this description is a casualty of way to much experimental sounds. What is the term called... synchronicity! PREE will find the souls who need a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade made from an uncommon variety of lemons. And the ice from the broken glacier floating by. Massively cool is Status​/​Post.

Released by BLIGHT. Records from Washington D.C. Well not released just yet, April 2nd is the scheduled date. Pre-orders are the option now. One hundred cassettes and one hundred compact discs, your choice.

Included below is a track by PREE from a compilation by BLIGHT. Records titled BLIGHT. MAKES RIGHT. This track "Alvin" is also a selection from Status​/​Post

BLIGHT. Records - bandcamp - facebook
PREE site - facebook - twitter

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Jaap Blonk - Joyous Junctures

When receiving music from both Public Eyesore and Eh?, there is always some trepidation to the sounds these releases will hold. One aspect centering around this thought is how talented the artists are and the tenure they have had. For this release titled Joyous Junctures, Jaap Blonk has gone far away and survived with labor and skills from his own measures. Stunningly these creations are more than just subsistence in a perplexingly world, more like vignettes of a completely alien aspect. Each creation held with reverence by a stream consciousness current planetary vibrations do not resonate at. Yes, sounds from a dimension only a select few understand, now here with hopefulness of connecting with those willing to venture into the thresholds. Joyous Junctures is uplifting, challenging, curious and just plain amazing.

Voice, electronics, samples mixed with an onslaught of experience and creativity, these are words feebly describing sounds in the nether reaches of descriptions. Think of a one person Haka that simultaneously delights and sends shivers of fear from lack of understanding. Computer generated voices in rearranged patterns, mimicking the English language with indecipherable twists. Jaap Blonk a soothsayer with a ghastly timber forewarning of the Ides of March. There are many tracks denoted on the cassette fold out card, but when listening, these selections seamlessly transition together. Concentration with intent of trying to comprehend is like hearing successive fractal patterns. The details are products of the entirety, thoughts are lost in the depths or reaches depending on each listeners perspective.

These words are from an outsider trying to describe a direction someone has been traveling for a good length of time. Two paragraphs can not encapsulate this composition, but hopefully they will catch a flickering aural glimpse. As mentioned in the opening sentence, this is a release on the eh? label. Copies are available from the eh? website here. Also explore Jaap Blonk's extensive bandcamp page here.

Sound Samples
Squares Be Gone
Summer Solstice Song

Public Eyesore site - facebook
Jaap Blonk site - bandcamp - twitter - facebook

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Ryne Experience - Hokey

Sometimes you see what connects to past experiences. The cover picture of Hokey looked like a snapshot of a Hanson brother from the movie Slap Shot and Hokey was blaring out as Hockey. Wow a cassette with an ice hockey theme. This was a personal illusion and fortunately there was no disappointment, in fact, completely the opposite. The Ryne Experience blew past all expectations, even to the point surpassing the desire of a hockey themed tape and the implied definition of hokey. Sure, this is an upbeat and fun composition, but to title it contrived or corny may be a band - label inside thing. These sounds are much too composed for even the other meaning of hokey, mawkish.

Now that names and appearances have been dissected, listen and listen again. The Ryne Experience is truly a participation in the love of good music. Fourteen tracks close to fifty minutes in length. Everything swirling, just beyond the ability to be genre jarred and labeled, with instantaneous dimensional jumps from the myriad of selections. The transitions are prudently subtle, like Observations with picking and banjo plucking to the following track Gather Up Your Socks with a melodic Beck vibe. All fourteen tracks seem to flow in and out together, like chimney swifts in flight at the dusk of day, so much sound working together as one full length. This thought leads to all the musicians Ryne Clarke spends time with and pulls in. In the multimulti fold out, every track on Hokey is noted with who is making the music, and there are plenty of talented artists. This quality is directly reflected in the project name, The Ryne Experience. With so many side streets on this composition, you will get lost, find a cool place then another. Theses tasty tunes will keep the vibes high.

Released on Under the Counter Tapes just a few weeks ago. In an edition of fifty now down to less then ten. Maybe it's the cool pins included with each purchase, but for the label's third release, the blue nitrous switch has been pressed. These tapes will be gone soon.  

Under the Counter Tapes - bandcamp - facebook
The Ryne Experience site - bandcamp

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Michael Gendreau - Polvo Seran, Mas Polvo Enamorado

Michael Gendreau's passion and creativity exists in a world of frequencies almost two low to hear. Like art at a microscopic level, magnification needs to be amplified in order to see. Polvo Seran, Mas Polvo Enamorado is similar to this thought in an aural context. Decibels need to be dialed high, exposing the consciousness to lurking sonic explosions. This technique of listening follows the path of many classical recordings. A symphony in it's many parts equivalent to Gendreau's subsonic adagio, then the bursting cacophony of a well placed but brief allegro. Then back to again.

This is a lengthy composition of four parts. Reading the descriptions of Michael Gendreau's past works and direction, there was an unfamiliar word, "parataxis". After reviewing the definition; a juxtaposition of unconnected things, these sounds do have this quality. Not to the extent of being uncomfortable, but more the the level of maintaining interest. Polvo Seran, Mas Polvo Enamorado is not a violent noise composition, these captured sounds are methodically thought about and delivered with more purpose than what can be understood. Michael and the wisdom of his vast sonic knowledge and love, is in another place. Maybe the low frequency rumblings are the only sounds able to pass through dimensional constraints. It would be easy to label this audio journey as experimental, but this is just a generic term for something that can not be comprehended. Maybe the better term for these selections would be "to be determined" once the listening world matures. For now, Polvo Seran, Mas Polvo Enamorado has depth and beauty in a sonic class little else exists.

Released on Public Eyesore Records in an unknown number of copies. Striking artwork throughout the gate fold disc. Number one hundred and forty in the label's massive catalog.

Music Samples
Polvo Seran, Mas Polvo Enamorado
Le Cris Du Batiment De Fri Art

Public Eyesore site - facebook
Michael Gendreau site

German Army – Wakhan Corridor

Vast emptiness reaching out across angular undulations. Rhythms echoing from indeterminable distances. The sounds are a conglomeration of geologic processes and sentient affairs. The elements in constant corrosive states, eroding fragile bastions created by those choosing this environment as home. There are moments of rest, when conditions seem to gurgle in drone like fashion rather than the continual eruption always present. This is the Wakhan Corridor, a place of thin air and pounding states, solemn peacefulness interrupted by harsh atmosphere.

German Army camps in difficult to reach, inhospitable places. Outside, a microphone secured firmly on a rugged stand, cables snaking back through the entrance into a small dwelling. The small stove turned off after conjuring a hot cup of sustenance. Record is pressed on the field device, sounds begin their journey from present state to antiquity. The decibel needles barely moving, hovering just to the right in the measurable spectrum. The start of sporadic thunderous bellowing causes German Army to adjust the gain. Now parameters are set, PK and NH stretch out to weather the duration.

Wakhan Corridor is a severe ambient heavy. Sounds perfectly polarized, raw and dense cadence in harmony with exploratory ambience. A magnificently refined style German Army continually gains wisdom in. This is an excellent composition for the large number of followers the group has established or for anyone who would like to experience just a really great album.

Released on compact disc by the Ukraine label Old Captain. Much care and love was contributed by the label. Photographs, packaging, design and sound quality are topmost level. Copies are currently available.

Old Captain site - bandcamp - facebook
German Army site - bandcamp