Modern Silent Cinema - The Cabinet of Modern Silent Cinema

Omnifarious sounds spraying from the fluidity of a long waterfall. The groove is raw, holding a warmth many listeners will most ebulliently absorb. The quality of recording harks back to early delta blues 78's with connective sonic gems sown throughout. Sometimes there is a feeling this is a lost Fahey or Basho recording, low-fi and a wanderer of tempos and styles. At other times there is the definitive resonance of a much more modern era. Rhythms built with multiple tracks as selections form with sonic sophistication and elegance. Then, back on the train to Chicago to get paid for another two sides of American roots. Using one more reference because it popped in thoughts, there might be a little Snakefinger sound in "Rotorelief", but that is just what i hear. The last three selections are co-written with Boru, providing a bit more introspective sound, but these selections are still divided between added production and completely not cooked recording.
Modern Silent Cinema is the long running project of Brooklyn's Cullen Gallagher. Working with the New York label Bad Channels Records, also in Brooklyn, Modern Silent Cinema has six scheduled releases from the end of 2023 and into the summer of 2024
  • BCR-002 : Passages I–IX (for Solo Piano) - Nov. 2023
  • BCR-003 : Passages X–XXI (for Solo Piano) - Jan. 2024 
  • BCR-007 : The Cinema Detective Soundtrack - Mar. 2024
  • BCR-008 : The Cabinet of Modern Silent Cinema May - 2024 (This One)
  • BCR-009 : Anemic Music - July 2024
  • BCR-010 : Aphonia - Sept. 2024

Looking at the links on both the Bad Channels Records website and bandcamp page, the music is and will be available digitally. If physical copies are what is of interest, there is an email on the label website to inquire at.