Sébastien Branche, Miguel A. García, Wojtek Kurek, Mateusz Wysocki - Harigams

Harigams burns like a gun powder trail continuing through alternate dimensions. Like watching the largest domino toppling ever, the sounds keep going, always maintaining their form. At least there seems to be a structure to the approach. This is a grandiose accomplishment for four artist meeting and all recording together for the first time.

Surely some of the most difficult music to describe. The basics are two side long tracks, both around the twenty minute mark. Then the sounds within, absolutely perplexing. If you could record an echocardiogram of all humans on the earth, then go back in time and record one from five hundred years ago, then mash them together....
There exist moments in Harigams of frazzling nightmares, mixed with field recordings and samples from past times, being sliced out of history and pasted into this droned out noise collage. Futuristic mutations of all we have grown comfortable with. There is nothing within this composition that is secure. What your thoughts might latch onto is constantly being offered then pulled away. The sounds like ground with lava coursing beneath them. Always ready to bubble and scorch your mind.

Wounded Knife released this is May of 2016. There is one cassette left from the label and this is available from the labels bandcamp page. If you like sounds on the edge of where music and noise collide, Harigams is an ear capturing composition that will require many listens to really understand.

Wounded Knife site - bandcamp - facebook 
Sébastien Branche site
Miguel A. García site
Wojtek Kurek - Paper Cuts bandcamp - Warten facebook
Mateusz Wysocki - facebook

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