Greenhouse - Lapse

As Earth approaches aphelion close to one month from now, the distance to the radiant energy source will be at it's farthest. About one hundred years ago, a Serbian named Milutin Milankovitch developed a mathematical theory about the Earth's cyclic movement around the sun. These are called the three Milankovitch Cycles; Eccentricity, Axial Tilt and Precession. Now Greenhouse has composed the glacial ice covered drone that can only be the symphony to Milankovitch's discovery of these slow changes in our planets motion.

Lapse is just under a half hour of organic energy balanced drone. The sounds change in minute amounts creating the sustained soundtrack for space time events. This harmony finds open pathways into the depths of our consciousness, the minds infinite space. Tones on the precipice of the infinite expanse in both internal and external directions. Greenhouse has the wisdom, patience and creativity to bring forth the exact amount. The drone dosage of all the time listening contently, never being dozed or dowsed away. Curran Faris is the creative force behind Greenhouse. For Lapse, Curran used acoustic guitar and a small amount of processors. Amazingly acoustic guitar would be a distant guess of how these sounds are created. Resting in some point in time, an almost undetectable sparkle of the surrounding grandeur, Lapse is brilliant.

Released on the perfectly fitting label Geology Record. Seventy five professionally dubbed cassettes for the start of May this year. You can purchase a copy from the Geology Records site. Do not wait, fine drone releases like Lapse disappear when you are not listening. 

Geology Records site - bandcamp - facebook - twitter
Grennhouse site - twitter - bandcamp


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