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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rawmean "Of Today"

Rawmean makes me think there is a description of sound style in this moniker chosen by Ramin the creator. Or it could be some deviation of Ramin's name. Maybe both revolve around each other. I purchased this from the Rawmean's Bandcamp page back in February. After listening repeatedly to "Of Today", Rawmean's newest release, here are my thoughts.

There is the beat, this is the "mean". Solid without breaks, on most songs rhythmic, like a boxer on a speed bag. Then slowly sounds are thrown on to the pulsating rhythm. The sound space fills up. These individual samples move the entire piece towards complexity. The beat maintains the temperature and cooks the floating sound parts until perfectly done. Then they are removed and there is only the mean, the "beat". 

The physical cassette is well presented with a fold out j-card of some pretty cool artwork. There are no tracks listed on the cassette nor sides. Maybe this is needed in the digital world, but not at all in the physical. This is a great release overall. Intricate work with sounds and still maintaining the sonic fabric as a whole.

I found this review on Raised By Gypsies for further reading.
Rawmean on Bandcamp