Quickly Sold Out

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Eyes Like Helicopter - The Shift Of It All

Biological Radio just released their Summer Solstice Batch and Eyes Like Helicopter was one of the three creations. After watching a prehear/see video of the title track on the BR Site, and finding a lengthy Soundcloud page, my purchasing decision was settled.

Darren Myers is the man with the guitars and a varied collection of other instruments making up Eyes Like Helicopter. What distinguishes his newest release and music style is a true craftsmanship of sound. With over 13 songs from both sides, sound from The Shift of It All arrives from extremely different places. From beautiful acoustic guitar playing to crazy tribal beats with harmonica, each track is a completely new turn in sonic experience. With this vast amount of variety, listening to the cassette produces no disjointedness but rather an excitement to hear what is next. Keeping this interest is a challenging task to maintain through the course of an entire album, but "The Shift Of It All" is aptly named. Raw and fascinating, artfulness on tape, true music scholars would need to do a thesis on this.

Biological Radio releases this in a cardboard folder with very cool hand stitched artwork on the front. Also a easy to read information card within, documenting all tracks and production details. Elegantly created and limited to 25 copies. Still for sale on their Discogs page. I am sure will be gone quickly.

Biological Radio
Eyes Like Helicopter on Soundcloud
The Shift Of It All - Video
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