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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Great Blue Heron - Goodnight Ghosts

The guitar singer songwriter album is a seemingly easy genre of music to create and infinitely difficult to master. This style mounts music, voice and lyrics on a microscope slide, only to be scrutinized beyond most other genres of music. I think Great Blue Heron "Goodnight Ghosts" can be unmounted from the slide and happily added to future rotations of music listening.

The first track Dusty Old Heart relays the emotional connection between the individual and their craft. This is not someone just churning out tunes, but rather an account of adeptness in communicating thought. This is followed by what sounds like an auto harp style of ballad playing called Stack Wood. Very nice choice for the second track. Song two is always my tell tale for the entire album; Maintaining interest and diversity and at least as good or more likely better than the first song.

The lyrics to the first track on side B, I Didn't Believe in Ghosts reminds me of the Roky Erickson song If You Have Ghosts. This is my favorite song on the cassette. "I Didn't believe in ghosts until you became one" GBH ..... "If you have ghosts you have everything" RE.  There is a message here!

The marker for any good album/cassette is if you will listen to it again. "Goodnight Ghosts" passes this easily. I have listened to, collected and enjoyed a lot of {folk} music. With this mass as comparison, Great Blue Heron has created an account transcending the past and present. I think Biological Radio recognized this straight away. This is why they chose to release such an accomplished embodiment of work.     

Great Blue Heron - "Into The Water (And I Came Out Pure)" from Biological Radio on Vimeo.

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