Quickly Sold Out

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Greg Manata - Washing

I am unfamiliar with Greg Manata. Very familiar with Constellation Tatsu. They did an astonishing job a securing this release. Greg Manata's style of music would fit solidly with so many other labels right now. Inner Islands is the first that comes to mind, followed closely by Rainbow Pyramid.

If I could ride in a star ship like riding in a car, this tape would be playing. And yes my space craft would be equipped with a cassette player. Looking out the window, as the cosmos moves by, "Washing" would be the perfect event soundtrack for the trip. There is a beauty and happiness in this ambient drone. The songs seem to flow and drift and fill the ears, leaving only the view to be satisfied. The third song on the first side "Chamomile" starts out with what almost sound like thrusters slowing the music for the arrival of the next song "Monolith".

Clocking in at over 40 minutes, this cassette is a spool full. With the incredible seasonal batch deals from Constellation Tatsu. There is only going right in making the purchase. And "Washing" is still available!

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