Quickly Sold Out

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Marble - Two Women & Tiger

Not going to wait until the end of the post to say grab a copy. You should go to Sacred Phases website right now and GET THIS CASSETTE. There is still a four tape sale happening for ultra listening value. If you follow the above advice, reading this blog site will be substantiated.

Working on organizing my cassettes by label a few weeks ago. Sacred Phases was vying for top spot with most cassettes on one label. Marble "Two Women & Tiger " reaffirms why this is so.

I have not heard of Marble before, but with one sound sample and ongoing love for the Sacred Phases label, the purchase was made. After the first listen, my expectations had been completely eclipsed.

Marble is other worldly tribal beat jungle space jams. Each track on this cassette is filled with intrigue. There are heavy some heavy rhythms on these spools, like trees on the floor of an ancient forest. Bounteous sounds then fill each track like sun sparkling past the leaves on an old growth canopy. You can get lost listening to this.


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