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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Movies - American Oil

Just received my copy of The Movies "American Oil" from Spring Break Tapes!  Joe the label curator included some stickers and a pin. Always cool and appreciated. "American Oil" is their second release on SBT. The first "In One Era, Out The Other" released last year, has been sold out for a little while. Both releases are reissues from around 10 years ago. SBT has surfaced this music for those of us in a different loop at the time. A very good choice.

"In One Era, Out The Other" and "American Oil" are completely different. I have a difficult time in even comparing them. If you like more introspective, for the most part slower and more moody songs than "In One Era, Out The Other" would be more for you. There are of few songs on the first release like Don't Steal My Licks and Autograph with the swagger of the tone on "American Oil", but beyond this a totally different mood.

 "American Oil" is just plain more upbeat and punchy. I do not like to compare sounds of present and past artists, but the sound of the band and Timothy James voice makes me think of something i have heard before. I have thought about this for a week and am still perplexed. This could be a stretch but the bass and drums of Joe Jackson's "Look Sharp" mixed with the vocal punch of Iggy Pop's "Zombie Birdhouse" are the two albums filtering two the top.

There is a clarity present on "American Oil". Bass played by Jessica Gelt and Drums by Stevie Treichel sound sharp and resonate perfectly with the voice of Timothy James. Brian Cleary on the keys ads depth and diversity to the album. The song Ed (I Can't Find Those Lyrics) is a great example of this barrel of sound being spun on one finger. Timothy James knows the quality of their sound and even states it in the first song Rock In The Slingshot, "How can life be so good, I got the best drums and bass I could." A great opening track which basically surmises the bands period of existence, "Then we throw it all away". This entire album wallops the speakers with propulsive harmony.

                                                                                         Still available on Spring Break Tapes.

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