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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Witchbeam - Tales of the Ghede Zodiac

Witchbeam is just plain super cool. The best description i have for the output by Witchbeam is not freaked out noise, but calculated classical industrial music of a future time. Of course there is noise, music and voice, all components of past industrial groups, but "Tales of the Ghede Zodiac" must have been created in some forthcoming celestial alignment. There is an underlying refinement within this cassette that can only come with an understanding derived from outside sources. I suspect some sort of time machine is involved or a visiting traveler craving past synthesizer drum beat sessions.

Listening to this cassette is a journey through a far distant manufacturing laboratory. Machinery creating beats gives way to electrical static and equipment hum. Recorded vocal messages are triggered to help along your passage. Back to something being pounded into creation. Each turn produces some new process of wonder. What is being created here? Only Witchbeam knows.

I think everyone in the cassette community has heard of Witchbeam. Their release on Tranquility Tapes - "Shadow Musick Vol. 1" sold out quickly and made it on the best lists of 2013. "Tales of the Ghede Zodiac" has been long sold out from the label 905 Tapes. Tomentosa still has one or more copies left as i write this. There is a copy on Discogs as well.

Experimedia has a new album out by Telecult Powers, the duo of Witchbeam and Mr Matthews. Probably a wise move to purchase a copy of this for helping to understand the future of music.
Also Hausa Mountain has a new cassette release by Mugen "Mugen Volume 8: Witchbeam/Mr Matthews". Here it is on Bandcamp.

Witchbeam website
905 Tapes
Witchbeam "Tales of the Ghede Zodiac" on Bandcamp