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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Young Man Find the Moon - Wica Intina & Joseph Allred

Listening to the cassette for the first time set me back a little bit. If you could read a print out of my thoughts it would have only been one long row of question marks. After going back for another listen the gravity of this sound pulled me in. I kept thinking about someone actually making this music and finally realized i should support the artists who made such a masterpiece of composition.

"Young Man Finds the Moon" starts off with some nice familiar drone. This continues on and is ever present to some extent on both sides. Almost sounding like bagpipes being played over the hills within a secluded cabin. I guess you could say a collage of sound begins, but it is much more. What seems like chaos has order. Sustained brilliance of sound samples straying far enough to keep interest, but not getting lost. There are tethers holding this zeppelin down. Cartoonish voices sped to incomprehensible pitch. Manic guitar playing sounding like a mandolin played with ten espresso shots surging through the fingers. That is just the first side. The second side called "And Our Asteroid Fairy Tale" is both similar and different. This side is more reserved, but both sides play like one continuous composition. There are bumps through out the tape, like a microphone is being put down or a stop button pressed. This makes it feel like Joseph and Wica are creating this in front of me. Unique, raw and special. I have been listening to music off the thoroughfare for a long time. Nothing like this has ever passed my ears.

Meliphonic Records out of Knoxville, Tennessee is a new label for me. They have some cool releases both sold out and available. You can still get this one, but my tape says 14 of 25, so don't procrastinate if you like it. With the tape, I received a nice note from Joseph saying lots more releases are in the near future....

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