Quickly Sold Out

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Zener - Palanca Arbitraria

Horror Fiction Tapes has had a substantial start with six releases in three bundles since September of last year. Every release completely obscure but bound together as a series. This is accomplished by using printed on inserts created from vintage pages of old classic books. Very tasteful and distinct, like a seasoned book in a study. All releases are sold out now, but keep an eye out for the next bundle!

Zener as described within the tape "was", meaning they no longer perform as a band. There are some heavy sounds shaking the speakers when listening to this double cassette. Cassette A starts with menacing guitar echoing forth from a vast, dark and empty space. The listening experience is completely riveting and then followed by moments of repose. There is a suspense element in the calm, knowing the guitars are lurking for another attack. Cassette B is an uniquely different vibe. Drums exist here. More mellow, industrial, creating the beat for threatening tempo changes. The guitar work from cassette A has a companion of equal weight and malice. There is a nostalgia to the past emanating within this release. Listen to this only when you are ready, for this is no background music.

Palanca Arbitraria needs to be listened to possibly with headphones. I chose to play it through the speakers and had a family member yell "Sound like a horror movie". I replied "Not a movie, a Horror Fiction Tape".
They shut the door.

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