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Monday, August 18, 2014

Cliffsides - Headspace

It has been a about a year since the last Cliffsides release on Hooker Vision and when Tranquility Tapes revealed the new double cassette by Cliffsides titled Headspace, making a purchase was an understood endeavor. This is an example of how outstanding labels make great choices when it concerns what limited resources they have. Tranquility Tapes is a leader in the world of beautifully done cassettes.

Headspace is a perfect name for this release. With an hour of sounds on each cassette, there is enough diversity to fill all of the space in your head. The first tape "The Fool" is a solid embodiment of synthesizer mastery. You can hear both the past and the future, a soundtrack for a science fiction movie classic or a gripping suspense thriller. There is drift on the ocean and fast paced hover craft cruising. "The Fool" could easily be a timeless synthesizer masterpiece on it's own without the second cassette.

Making this even more spectacular is the second long offering called simply "The Universe". Expansive particle motion by massive galactic bodies. This could be an environmental recording made by dropping a microphone somewhere between two passing galaxies. Thoughts on the first listen to "The Universe" were of artists like Vidna Obmana, Alio Die and Steve Roach. Cliffsides' Ryan McGill has a little more playfulness than those pioneering ambient masters and this is refreshing. The music of "The Universe" is a five star output now. The future will only be old news after you listen.

This is already sold out from Tranquility Tapes. Tomentosa had a few and they sold out right away. Try 905 Tapes, Experimedia or Eclipse Records, but not sure if they will have any or not. 

Here is a nice sampler video

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