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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mark Banning - Journey To The Light

Originally recorded in 1984, this album has been remastered by James Plotkin and re-released by Students of Decay. Consisting of two tracks, one per side "Journey To The Light" is a completely mesmerizing float above your body.

Thinking about when this was released, "New Age Music" as it was called, was completely uncool for the younger generation at the time. Now 30 years later, many of the so called "New Age" records are being found again by a drone based, ambient guitar, synthesizer group of vinyl enthusiasts.

So much music falls to the ground silently over time. Buried by even more falling music. Some of it is raked and rediscovered, because there really are gems covered under the massive pile of forgotten sounds. For some re-releases I have read, "this was really good but just not given the proper promotion at the time". This is only a modern marketing scheme portraying the weight and shimmer of onyx chess pieces. Labels like Students of Decay are not re-releasing this and trying to sell with explanations of not being properly promoted. Mark Banning's "Journey To The Light" has been rediscovered, re-released and sold on the merit of feelings it embarks upon the listener. Students of Decay has found relevancy with today's taste and brought forth beautiful sounds for listeners of all ages.

Of the two tracks on "Journey To The Light", Everlasting Moments fills side A with a firmly balanced flow of subtle sounds. Swaying synthesizer holds the piece, releasing at times to then be carried by guitar and zither. The underlying current of the synthetic drone is always present as is the binding base. Side B titled A Sea of Glass is a more meditative en devour resembling tambura and sitar being warmed up by ageless Indian raga masters. There is a carefree playfulness being conveyed, envisioning a solitary walk among darting dragon flies in an ancient garden.

This was purchased directly from the amazing Students of Decay label. Mark Banning's splendid composition is still available along with many other artists and their superb works.


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