Quickly Sold Out

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bikini Barista - This Pit In My Stomach

Captivatingly mysterious is this pleasing cassette by Bikini Barista. Tremendous thought behind every track, commanding your ears to listen, telling your mind to want more. The track titles reflect the music with names like "No Contemplation, Simply Reaction","Scoobies Don't Die" & "Drown Me In It - Bury Me With It".

As the cover picture reveals, there is some spookiness radiating from these synthesizer laden rhythms. Perfect for a late night drive or setting the mood for shadow people darting through your peripheral vision. There is an oscillation from track to track of an ambient plateau of majestic vistas to falling into the smoldering forge of beat creation. These feelings of security and uneasiness provide diversity, keeping This Pit In My Stomach intriguing for a multitude of listens.

Bikini Barista's - This Pit In My Stomach was just released in the middle of this month. I am not sure how many of these cassettes were made, but I am sure this cassette will rotate frequently in your tape player! Currently you can have one shipped straight to your mailbox for five dollars total. Looking forward to where this sound will go for future releases.

Bikini Barista on bandcamp