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Friday, October 24, 2014

Moonsicles - Creeper

Going to skip the usual posting intro/buildup and focus straight away on the song "Perooh" from Moonsicles new release Creeper. This track really caught my attention on the first listen. Incredibly cool retro beat and bass, championing the vibe. The guitar riffs are clean and sweet, sparse at times, truly a perfect amount. Wrapping this song up is the synthesizer, the fabric of the track. Emitting sound threads connecting distant and future points of time. All musicians together creating one of the best tracks I have heard in a few years.

Going back to the start of Creeper is really returning to the beginning. This album builds with slowly dripping water to only a half dose of Codeine. Rambling guitar and ceremonial court drums, guided by snakey synthesizer, ooze from the speakers. This gives way to the mysterious questions placed on early eighties New Age music with the song "Crystal Spy". For me as a listener, everything falling in order for "Perooh". After this, "Trembling Grub" shifts back to creep on a time released capsule of the first song "Slow Owl". At this point the music has a vast sounding feel of open expanses of the frontier west. This reminds me a little of the great album "Train Songs" by Two Dollar Guitar. The last track ends with a native beat driven Earth departure titled "Sheyenne". Laid back, diverse, and extremely well crafted, Moonsicles reaches deep with this album, sustaining significance for future listens. 
Moonsicles is composed of four musicians, all with hefty experience. Each band member with a pedigree of projects to their names. Creeper is a release of only 100 compact discs, each with individually hand painted covers. A beautiful package of art and sound i am sure will deplete in availability quickly. Moonsicles knows how to play and get music to those who are interested. This is why you can purchase Creeper straight from the band in Austin, Texas.

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