Quickly Sold Out

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ogon Batto - Ogon Batto

This is an epic journey in galactic audio travel. From field like recordings from other planets, to stoic organ and piano accompanied space travel, this listening experience is not just background noise. This is a fantastic auditory perception for traveling without seeing. There are planets explored with hearing and not sight. Bent Von Bent operates this interplanetary cassette junket. His instructions are only, listen closely because there is no light to see.

-  listener #75.003 written passage from side one -
"After landing on a water planet, our heads were just high enough to see over a terrestrial dune. There next to a foreign sea is a mysterious vessel. Sitting out of the water and tilted to one side, melodies from even farther away spill forth from the ships hull. The music invites us over the embankment, and then turns ominous causing cover to be taken again. We listen further waiting to build courage and venture fourth."

The first track on side two "Bunker Symfonie IX: Opmars" is a mammoth example of complete submergence in another world. An atmospheric sound scape so foreign, listeners will begin understand the magnitude of this composition. Bent Von Bent has created something really exceptional. 

This is release number seven for the Belgium label Hare Akedod. This is also my first cassette possessed from Hare Akedod. Previous releases were on the radar, but not purchased in time. For Ogon Batto, I secured this quickly from Tomentosa. They are now sold out, but the cassette is still available from the Hare Akedod's Bandcamp site.

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