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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Phillip K. Glass Dick - Gift of Love = Homies

Connecting early synthesizer forays to the unknown future of sound, Phillip K. Glass Dick's sound is originative. Like the writings of the science fiction author with the same name (minus the glass), both have created a vision of possible ubiquitous realty in a subsequent time.

Listening to different tracks on this cassette, i feel comfortable with the residence of the songs. There exist a groove taking a slow ride through the 80's and moving to distant points in time. Raining samples of post modern noise drip outside creating mood for contemplation and then empty thought. This cruise of upbeat, chill and futuristic is perfectly timed. The diversity of every track helps maintain maximum interest, spanning the entire roll of the spools forward and back. It is hard to pin down any similarities to existing music, making this truly a unique listen. The closest i could denote anything to is the first song on side two, "(My Time SPent With) Prisoners". This song had a strange exuding tone to the mood of Talking Heads "Listening Wind" off the Remain In Light lp.

PKGD has created something really nice on this release titled Gift of Love = Homies. Amazingly inventive, this release sits on the periphery, energizing the enjoyment of listening.  The quality of the artist, sound, packaging and presentation is of the highest standard, as always from Monofonus Press. The label proliferates the best in music and art. Not sure how many tapes were made, but cassettes are available now from the label here. They also have a pretty nice summer batch deal including Gift of Love = Homies here.

 There are samples out there, not on the label site though. I could pull them from other distributors but do not want to use them that way. Found this on Soundcloud. Not from this cassette but parts of it are close in mood and feel.

Some Notes on Phillip K. Glass Dick  
Gift of Love = Homies available at Monofonus Press