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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Secret Birds - In Hex

Cassettes of the past are remembered with these thoughts. So much emphasis on the newest releases, taking a moment to go back a few years. Lee Nobles label No Kings has been a favored label for years. Everything No Kings puts out is pure quality and this results with the entire catalog being sold out from the label. So it does not matter about being available or not for thoughts on any No Kings releases. I selected #35 from the shelf, Secret Birds - In Hex.

Ranging from drifting ambient  wash to mind-expanding jams, In Hex has the diversity to be extremely enjoyable. Side one invites the listener in with the calming sounds of "Century Waves". Now on a comfortable raft from the opening, the start of "In Hexagon" pushes a meditative rhythm and cascade of guitars and synthesizer. Similar to a long track from the band Stag Hare.

The middle of this cassette reveals something unusual and rarely heard by contemporary listening culture. "Refractions From The Skull Prism" is an eavesdrop into a tribal ceremony for obscure alien landing fields in the land down under. Almost under breath field recordings mixed with rhythmic beats around a sacred blaze.

After the fire has relinquished itself to embers "A Serpent With Corners" offers another comfortable respite until the epic "Zen Pyramid" begins. This is the longest track on the cassette, building peacefully from the start. Soon entering orbit for planetary departure.

This cassette seems to be unavailable for purchase from the regular places to look. Secret Birds bandcamp page has it available for listening as well as a few remaining earlier recordings still for sale. Very much worth a listen.

These are just words of appreciation.

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