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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tallesen - Stills Lit Through

Prepare yourself for a sound journey traveling in Euclidean space. Sound on the number line is far removed from this transit of music. Tallesen's release "Stills Lit Through" envelopes the listener with a barrage of quiet ambient moments relinquishing themselves to a symphonic beat driven opus. There is a tone throughout this album consistent of a futuristic calliope. The modern version of this ancient steam organ, has been precisely calibrated to emit the softest sounding notes. This creates a dreamlike journey for your astral projection. The beats and rhythm tether the listener, providing a pathway back to the security of a more familiar measure.

As this sound exploration  progresses, there is a definite shift to trance like emissions of rhythmic deprivation. Almost as if underwater, a heavy thickness rolls in, reversing the journey out of body to an inward exploration of the mortal coil. The album finishes with a tranquil state of being completely welcomed after traveling so far into this innovative world of sound.

Caymen Johnson or "Tallesen" has created a musical piece offering complete depth and diversity. Playing this quietly or loudly produces separate unique experiences. The fidelity of the cd I used for these words of reflection is superb. The Software label has provided both cd or lp format for this release and I just noticed this is number 50 in the catalog. The cd version looks like it has four bonus tracks not on the lp. You probably will get those in a download upon purchase of the vinyl. I am sure Software has this beyond worked out, making sure everyone is taken care of. Music on Software always merits investigation.

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Stills Lit Through
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