Quickly Sold Out

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Filthy Huns – Leopard On My Right

Is it possible to experience a mirage for your ears? After listening to Leopard On My Right a number of times, I think I am witness to a refraction of sound. Listening to this cassette closely resembles staring at a distant Fata Morgana. The sounds of each track rapidly change within these spools, still maintaining a rooted consistent groove to bring them all together. There are moments of a late light celebration of Tuareg music. The B side of this cassette pushes strongly in that direction. This is exemplified not only by the sound but the track titles as well, like "Nomad Status". The A side is steady in mood, and reminds me a little bit of listening to the incredible 936 album by Peaking Lights. As a whole, Leopard On My Right never stops. The diversity is immense, the rhythm is hypnotic, the vocals are beckoning with thick and dense guitar. A tape you will just keep flipping and always go back to.

This is the second release by Filthy Huns. Both releases are on the super cool label Not Not Fun. This cassette is sold out at the Not Not Fun shop, but should show up in limited quantities at the usual distributors like Midheaven & Tomentosa. Maybe Not Not Fun will combine both releases on one vinyl album. I am sure this would be a speedy record to sell out. If you do see the cassette for sale, be sure to purchase it. There have been some great tapes for 2014 and this is one of them.


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