Quickly Sold Out

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Glass House - Haruspex

Stellar drifting to an orchestrated consonance of sound. Glass House uses a wide array of mechanics creating a dense molecular, salt strewn, ambient classical piece. Thick drones fill the background and sit at the bottom of this sound ocean. The currents at the top are controlled by well tuned musicians with some serious knowledge and experience. The overall tone is slightly foreboding, with sound safety nets cast out for moments of recovery. Overall this cassette keeps the listener slowly swirling in a beautiful maelstrom of precise composition. Pleasing Prince Dakkar on his voyage. Glass House knows exactly the mood they are after and Haruspex is a testament to that end.

This cassette was created in a batch of 80 by the super cool label Cosmic Winnetou. Every release they have is sold out at the label website. Fine confirmation of how good their decisions are at every level. Keep an eye out, there is a new batch due out soon.

Even though Haruspex is sold out at Cosmic Winnetou, you can still acquire this release from the Glass House bandcamp page. Not sure how many they have of the original 80, but they are for sale as this is posted. Also pretty sure Tomentosa will have the Haruspex tape on their site in the near future. Tomentosa has carried all of the Cosmic Winnetou releases.

Lastly Glass House has had three releases on Tranquility Tapes and one on SicSic Tapes. For anyone rolling around in the cassette culture world...... no need to say anymore.

Glass House bandcamp page
Cosmic Winnetou website
Cosmic Winnetou soundcloud page