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Monday, November 3, 2014

Stag Hare - The Djorna Trilogy

Have you ever been positively relaxed on a sunny day, attention fixed on nothing more than rays of light and their interaction on this earthly plane? This is Stag Hare for me. Capturing in music nothing more than beautiful simple existence. Delightful drone filling your mind, mixing with seldom grasped feelings of the wondrous journey we are fortunate to partake.

The Djorna Trilogy is an impressive offering from Stag Hare, the project of Garrick Biggs. Three cassettes titled Angel Tech, Pongdools and Gazer. According to Garrick from the Stag Hare website, the trilogy is his second era of music. Everything before the Djorna Trilogy make up the first era while everything after starts the third era. These cassettes were produced in a run of 100 each. They are available now at the Stag Hare website and you can purchase all three, shipped to you in the States for twenty dollars. If you have not had the pleasure of being a Stag Hare fan, this is something i strongly recommend purchasing. If you have been listened to Stag Hare before, you probably already have the Djorna Trilogy and you are just nodding in agreement.

For the music on these three cassettes, i will start off with Gazer. There is no reason other than this was the way i listened to them. Gazer is without any doubt a classic piece of timeless drone stickiness. You will want to set this cassette aside for an uninterrupted listening experience. The tones exuding from Gazer are inspiring, contemplative and peaceful. Transcending musical history, this composition could be from anywhere and is absolutely relevant everywhere. Take a few moments for yourself and let these sounds help remove the haze of responsibility.

Following in the rotation was Pongdools, a entirely different ride than the blissful Gazer. On this cassette Stag Hare locks onto the signature doxology of the first era. Upbeat rhythm sustained for timeless lengths. This is music for movement, thinking and creating. Pongdools exist near the top of the mountain, perched on a ledge. There is still more to climb, but at this resting spot, the value of what has been traveled and what remains is key stoned. The sound is well crafted from experience, with visitations of new places to go.  Driving beats overlaid with a wash of infinite sounds. This is a morning raga for future times. Pongdools helps me understand why Garrick has called this the second era of music.

Angel Tech is purely exalted from a reticulation of techno beats to undisturbed interludes of reflection. This cassette is completely diverse and does seem like the platform for the future third era of music. Within these spools are otherworldly beats leaving the drone to the background. Hazed vocals glaze these tracks. Every sound advocates Garrick's abilities are locking in place for a transformation of sound wave awareness. All of the tracks on Angel Tech resonate with emotion and are filled with merit. By no means leaving the roots, only adding more canopy to the tree.

This will be sold out soon, so please do not procrastinate. I say this from plenty of experience.

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