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Monday, December 29, 2014

Altars Altars - Colour Loops II

There is something fascinating and pleasant about Colour Loops II. I have listened to this cassette over ten times now, and have been thinking about how to describe that "something". On low or high volume, while doing work or relaxing, the sound has not only complimented my state of being, but made it better. So within this ambient sound scape is a positiveness, making you feel good while listening.

There is so much ambient/drone music ready to be heard with minimal exploration. Sorting through this and enjoying the sounds really depends upon your disposition at the time. The polar extremes of styles can create moods ranging from foreboding to uplifting. To make this process easier, i would categorize ambient/drone music. There are three labels i would use. These would be dark, neutral and bright. Much like Stag Hare, Altars Altars creates an inspirational sound and could be a standard for the "bright" sound of this genre.

This cassette is available on the Altars Altars bandcamp page. The copy i have is number 28 of 50.
With some correspondence with the man behind Altars Altars, i have experienced how nice a person he is. This quality is reflected in the characteristics of his music. You can also stream the first Colour Loops from early 2011 on the bandcamp page. This offering has a similar tone, but a little more organic with it's composition.

 I have really enjoyed listening to Colour Loops II and am sure you will as well.

Altars Altars on bandcamp, on facebook, on soundcloud, on tumblr