Quickly Sold Out

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Jean-Sébastien Truchy - Neither

Neither is a poem by Samuel Beckett and was shaped into an anti-opera by Morton Feldman around 1977. Release number 81 on SicSic Tapes is an even more modernistic recreation of the anti-opera, newly composed by Jean-Sébastien Truchy.

This offering by Jean-Sébastien is a totally dynamic sound composition. From it's industrial drone like beginning to the tormented operatic voice, there is very little safe haven for the listener. The sonic output pushes farther, pleasantly contrasting with the few quieter moments of simple static and computer generated voice.  The first side includes a reading of Neither by what sounds like an aging female voice. On the second side the male counterpart argues against the victimization of man by civilization. The thesis is correct in my opinion. Why should our lives need to be legitimized? Love and kindness only require a person capable of sharing these abilities. We need nothing more.

So it is nice to listen to music full of emotion, giving rise to thought and contemplation. This relatively short cassette has unique properties finding their way deep into your head. Neither by  Jean-Sébastien is solid sound, with theatrics reminding me of the awesome Test Dept. album "A Good Night Out". Even though they are completely different contributions, there is a similar tone. The creativeness of this homage to the past is beautiful articulation of thought applied to sound.  

This release is in the most recent batch from SicSic Tapes. Routinely releasing some of the most sought after cassettes and the coolest music. So with that said, this tape is already sold out at the label. I looked on Tomentosa and they have copies still available as a write this.

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