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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Micromelancolié - Order of Disappearance

With so much imagination and experience emanating from Robert Skrzynski, writing about his alias Micromelancolié is a daunting venture. Robert is prolific, innovative and exceptional at creating sound from consciousness. Mere words can only begin to help describe this sound, and will inevitably be only text for the experience Robert delivers. 

Order of Disappearance ask nothing of the listener. The journey taken with this thirty minute composition is completely yours. Micromelancolié provides space for thought and reflection. In my opinion this is not a dark ambient experience. The sound within travels along the cemetery fence, menacing tones creep through the cracks. Malevolent noises beacon you through the gate, but the underlying drone of Order of Disappearance reassures you. Holding your being on the outside, not letting your attention to be fully pulled in.

Becoming more and more majestic in the space of this composition, Robert delivers the listener to a higher realm of awareness. Although the path does skirt foreboding worlds, you are always just listening in and not being dropped off. As the work progresses, the drone like fog lifts to thick clouds, beauty becomes even more present. The tape flips for another listen, this time the cassette sounds even more sovereign. 

 This cassette was one of three in batch eight from the impressive label Cosmic Winnetou.
Quickly sold from the label, should be available from Tomentosa in there very near future. Keep and eye out for the next batch update from Josh. No news yet on the ninth batch from Cosmic Winnetou, so keep checking the site. The batches always sell out within a few weeks.

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