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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Oliwa - Rituals

Fractals of synthesized sound. Dense tracks for night traveling. Oliwa is magically vigorous. Rituals is composed with inspiring rich drones and tantalizing keyboard riffs. The feelings generated while listening are timeless, boundaries of past, present and future have been leveled. Rituals is music without limitations.

Truly ritual music of earthly space ports for alien civilizations. This could be the soundtrack for Baalbek, Pumapunku, or Chaco Canyon. Listeners will immerse themselves into the cosmos of sound, experiencing unheard wonders and beauty. Oliwa has crafted this cassette with precision, grooves seamlessly rolling together, maintaining interest, diverse but never disjointed.

I know Rituals is an older release from 2012. This was released on the striking label Zeon Light out of Sweden. This release dates back in Zeon Light catalog, but since this is still available digitally from their bandcamp page, i thought it worth while to write about. You can also still purchase the cassette from the Oliwa bandcamp page. The music really is ageless and sounds like it could have been created in the 1970s or 2020s.

Oliwa has had a number of releases since Rituals and most are still available on cassette:
I purchased my copy from Tomentosa Currently sold out there.

Zeon Light website
Oliwa bandcamp
Oliwa facebook