Quickly Sold Out

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pearl River Sound – Smallchamber Music

Taking sounds and styles from the past is common in the production of music today. Being able to somehow shape them into something more, is a skilled endeavor few artists are able to accomplish.
Robert Semeraro has done this with the cassette titled Smallchamber Music created under the moniker Pearl River Sound.

There is a definite feel of nostalgia accompanied by true enjoyment when listening to this cassette. The composition is pleasant, has energy and sparkle. The beats and synthesizer fall comfortably into the back of your pocket, not cumbersome and not overproduced. Robert has taken an entire decade of 90's sounds and compressed it into a 30 minute hot red tape. Probably the best word to describe Pearl River Sound is playful. This could throw the sound to the point of being just amusing, but Smallchamber Music is the contrary. With so much talent, this music is adeptly crafted, the playfulness is a result of being comfortable with  the approach.

For this production the expertise is well rooted with Jimmy Billingham behind the label. This is the first release of a new project  titled Indole Records. There is a good interview with Jimmy on the Juno record site discussing this undertaking. I purchased my copy from Tomentosa (tapes sold out). You can listen to this on the bandcamp page (physical copies sold out as well). But wait..... The good ole internet revealed some copies still for sale at Norman Records.

I would keep watching Indole Records. Release four, five and six just came out January 18th. This label is sure to flourish.

Pear River Sound - Smallchamber Music on bandcamp
Interview with Jimmy Billingham on Juno
Indole Records on facebook
Cassette for sale on Norman Records