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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Royallen - Sample Tape

Pilgrimaging Moroccan reed flute player flying to uncharted islands of serenity. Escaping years of performing the Sama, the traveler plays with drone like meditation and brief interludes of anticipation. Thoughts of tranquility can be heard in the back of the mind. Communications end with a brief listen into jumbled airwaves, evangelical wisdom and volleyball.

The oasis of peacefulness starts with the second side of this cassette. Aged recordings of ancient piano and flute played countless times for new visitors, welcome this journeyer. Tropical fauna can be heard accompanied by ethereal voice. The last succinct moments of worldly static surface then flutter away.

Royallen delivers all of this on the twenty minute cassette titled Sample Tape. Released at the end of September 2014 in a run of seventeen. Sold out from the Permanent Nostalgia site. There is for sure a copy available for purchase at Tomentosa, as i write this. Happy to write about a Gainesville, Florida artist. I wish we would have crossed paths during my lengthy stay in Hogtown. Sample Tape is a really good release in an abounding discography from Royallen.

Currently there is no sound sample that i can find of Sample Tape.

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