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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Shahman - Demise of a Body

The very first post on this site was a cassette from Dismal Niche. Starting 2015, I am happy to have another tape to write about from this incredibly cool label. Sadly this is not a tape happiness works well with. This is an emotionally driven homage for the mother of the duo that makes up Shahman.

The first thing to say is I am truly sorry for your (Shahman's) loss. I have not gone through this and can't begin to relate to your feelings.

Demise of a Body is uniquely juxtaposed between a drone like eulogy and a heavily impassioned slab of power. Starting with a description of events and feelings and accompanied by a droned background, this offering reels the listener in to the raw outpouring of Rob & Peter Johnson. This description is really sound and i think many people could relate to these words. Then the music turns massive in comparison to the start. Violent guitar and drums that back away to softer moments of vocals and reflection.

The most amazing aspect of this album is being recorded in a single live take. There are various changes in tempo and direction making the complexity of doing this in one outing pretty fascinating.
Lurking behind every note is affection, anger, despair, love, sadness, sympathy and warmth. The cassette finishes with a description of the moment of death. The music quiets for this statement momentarily, then finishes with a drift to nothingness.

I have not listened to any of Shahman's stuff before this cassette. But i am certain, because of the deep sentiment used in creation of this, Demise of a Body will be a pinnacle album in their discography.

This is the twelfth Dismal Niche release. Packaged beautifully, with a fold out card of art and description as well as beautiful art work for everything else. Not sure how many of these cassettes were made, but I am sure the best way to pick this tape up is to email Mathew, the label curator directly. His email is dismalniche (at) gmail (dot) com. Completely slipping under notice, this cassette is an example of some of the best music of 2014.

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