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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Baldruin - Miniaturen

Precise sound sketches like bamboo shoots reaching up everywhere through the earth. Balduin sprouts over twenty tracks on the new cassette titled Miniaturen. How can i describe so many distinct small stalks........ I guess the best way is to start by making mini observations of the feelings Johannes Schebler evokes as his alias Baldruin.

After repeated listens you will hear Miniaturen explores every crag of the rock face. The sound takes you to alternate dimensions with ethereal voices heard through an ancient ceremony droned with percussion. There is pinpointing sonar exploring the unknown ocean depths. A listen into an alien nursery followed by a theme the x-files would have been delighted to use. Ambient dronescapes then to spiritual mantras recited for moments of relaxation. Now gliding over the vast dessert of the American southwest. Reflective tones of the scariest decision you are about to make, and after making it, delivering you the psychotic ward for a brief stay. Leaving here the journey takes you back to listen in again on places you have heard before. This time they are different. There is a similarity but something has changed.

As far as you can go, with twenty one tracks in just about thirty two minutes, Baldruin will take you there. There is a wide variety of vignettes, but there is never a feeling of rummaging through the lost and found. Rather the opposite, as if looking through suitcase of a distinguished world traveler. Everything has a purpose and all of the belongings connect in some seasoned way.

Out on A Giant Fern, with the most recent batch, making thirty releases for them.
This label has worked with both really well know artist and undiscovered ones. Everything A Giant Fern has released has a supremely high production level for some very thought out art and packaging.
Miniaturen is no exception with heavy card stock, a clear sheet for the download code, and what i always notice, a cassette made with screws to hold it together.

You can order Miniaturen straight from A Giant Fern.

A Giant Fern site
Miniaturen on bandcamp
Balduin on facebook