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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Banal Anml - I Did It For The Sound

Found this cassette using my own pecking on the internet, off the regular review sites. Thought i was ahead of the cassette culture curve, but the always incredible Tiny Mix Tapes already zeroed in on it over a half year ago. No matter on being Sherlock, the best thing is Banal Anml deserves another write up. If you like what you read/hear, the cassette is still available. Purchase I Did It For The Sound from the Banal Anml bandcamp site or direct from the lable Solid Melts.

Clocking in at over thirty minutes and produced in a run of one hundred, I Did It For The Sound is a half hour bomb of beneficent beats, synthesizer and vocals. The first track "Oubliette", an oddly enchanting choir like introduction, starts a sinuous path for the following expedition. The sound then heads for the heavy drop with "Addicted to Comfort". A song leaving deep impressions on the sofa cushions. "Robot Sufari" is truly that crossing into the jungle of electronic vines and biting sound pops. The noise is hacked away until the temple voice is heard, cryptically  delivering the zenith.
"Photocopy Memory", a synoptic dance working its way into my brain. Memory being transferred, beats banking back and back. Funny how "Dogs (Lick My Face)", a tongue timed to deliver a version of splashing water, reviving the entranced listener. You only partially come out of this massive sonic atmosphere. Back in until the end. Pulled out of with dream like Confucius thinking with the last song "I Woke Up With The Sun"

As with all really good cassettes and labels they are bound to, I Did It For The Sound will be off the inventory list soon. I looked on the Solid Melts site, out of twenty nine total releases twenty four of them are no longer available.

*Update - Another site with a write up one day after this one - The perplexingly prolific and amazing raised by gypsies has more to read here

Solid Melts site
Banal Anml on bandcamp