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Monday, February 9, 2015

Bob Bucko JR - The World Is Big, The Road Is Long

This is a really nice cassette to listen to. Ambient, but not overly zoned out or floating in la-la. There is guitar drift, slowly timed, filled with synthesizer liquid, drone, voice, bass..... The sound is electric and real. Bob Bucko JR has some pretty cool stylings and these can be heard front to back on this tape.

Divided into two long tracks, each taking up a side, The World Is Big, The Road Is Long is batting in the 400s for me. Side one and two are completely different but compatible with each other. The first side delves into casually played guitar with an ambient curtain of sounds wavering in the background. Very nice together! I personally like side two a little better with some vocal interpretations of monastic solitude accompanied by peaceful drone and creeping strings. Both sides work together really well creating unique interest as the tape flips back and forth.

Bob Bucko JR released this in a quantity of 40 on the Personal Archives label. There are some great releases from a wide variety of artists on this label. You can check out Bob's discography on his own extensive bandcamp site. I first took notice of Bob Bucko JR by listening to I Want To Speak A Thousand Languages when it came out in the spring of 2013. This is still available on cassette as well.

The World is Big, The Road Is Long is well composed and stands out by being a pleasure to listen to.

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