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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Graham Repulski - Maple Stag

After listening to Maple Stag many times I am still mesmerized by it's tentacles reaching through the music lithosphere. There is so much diversity within these eleven tracks of music. This is because Graham Repulski has some fine talent. Being able to create something sounding rooted and familiar, yet completely fresh is a result of being a good composer and doing this over and over.

Maple Stag is a pop gem for me. Upbeat, messy field noise jumbled in with songs, is a great formula. Small rungs for your ears to grab on to while crossing a kaleidoscope of sounds. There really is no chance of falling out of enjoying this cassette. Graham has honed the tape down to a mini masterpiece.

If you want to understand music a little more, listen to this cassette. As i said, the expertise of this sound is a result of talent paired with repetition of creation. He also does everything from making music on his own label (Shorter Recordings) to successfully getting it out there for people to enjoy. The style of Maple Stag is a continuation of many compositions being more and more skillfully developed.

You can get this straight from the bandcamp site.

Graham Repulski on bandcamp and facebook
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